ET Finders Club NFTs Launching on OpenSea

BERLIN , May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ET Finders Club is a cutting-edge AI produced NFT collection featuring 3,333 uniquely rendered faces of extraterrestrials. It’s one of the first big collections of its kind to be truly generated by artificial intelligence and the result is mesmerizing. Each being looks so alien and yet so familiar, often displaying relatable emotions and expressions. 

The collection is entering the popular PFP category, which abbreviation refers to the use of these NFTs as actual profile pictures on social media sites like Twitter.

ET Finders Club will be minting for $25 each on the Polygon chain to make sure that the price point is as accessible as possible. That means users can still interact with their NFTs on OpenSea, which is the most popular NFT marketplace, without paying the high transaction fees ETH commands. 

This also means it’s affordable for the team to keep making drops to the community in the future. ET Finders Club is dedicated to keep making AI art and distributing it to its community. 

Adding to the collectability, each NFT comes with a list of owned items. Some items are ‘super rare’ and come with additional perks. 

Additionally, NFTs will grant access to the ET Finders Club community and enable holders to order some out-of-this-world ET swag.

The goal of the collection is to bring together people from all over the world that believe there is intelligent life beyond our planet. ET Finders Club is committed to working together to find answers to the mysteries of the universe.

The founders wanted to use art, artificial intelligence and blockchain to bring people together to talk about the topic of ETs. The long-term goal of the project is to create a vibrant community that fosters respectful dialogue around life beyond earth.

ET Finders Club will mint on Polygon for $25 on June 1st.

ETFC is the brainchild of Echo, Comet, and Fractal. Having been friends for half a decade, they all share a belief that ETs exist, and that AI will change the way we live. In this project they get to combine their interests and skill sets to create something that’s equally beautiful and meaningful.

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