Environment Conscious Songwriters Announce Release of "DIWYC" Song on Global Warming and Climate Change

LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As part of the campaign to bring awareness to global warming and climate change issues, Brinds Will and a group of artists have released a song titled “DIWYC,” which means “Do It While You Can.” The song that the group expects to become an Earth Day Anthem calls on all people of the world to protect mother earth before things gets worse.

DIWYC has a melodious catchy tune with genius guitar play that makes it fun to listen to and enjoy while also getting the awareness message it’s trying to pass. The song’s lyrics is straightforward and meant to inspire people to do the right thing to protect the earth.

The song was originally released in the English version, but other versions are being translated and recorded in 30 to 35 other languages from different parts of the world. All the songs are being performed by talented singers with exceptional vocal skills and abilities.

Climate change and global warming are real, and scientific evidence can be seen in nature worldwide. Summers and winters have gotten warmer, sea levels are rising very fast, and the wildlife population has dropped by 60% in the last 40 years. Extreme weather like floods, tornadoes, and heavy rainfall is taking place all over the world.

All these are because of human activities, carbon emission, fossil fuels, and plastics, damaging the earth and putting human, animal, and plant life at risk. Government alone can’t do it; it’s time for all citizens of the world to come together, play their role and do it while they can.

The “DIWYC” song was created to become an Earth Day Anthem that will remind everyone to become environmentally conscious and engage in activities that reduce carbon emissions to reverse climate change. As earth day will be observed on 22 April 2021, “DIWYC” will become a major part of the awareness campaign to remind people why the earth must be protected for the sake of all living things and generations to come.

To listen to the song, please visit here.

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