Emotion. Soul. Art. The Beginnings of YNACIO.

HARDIN, Mont., Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áMeet Ynacio, the man who finger paints blindfolded on glass. Night after night, piece after piece, he paints his soul. First a prayer is said, then the prayer is fulfilled and a piece is born. Raised on the plains of Eastern Montana, Ynacio’s work, from the beginning stages of creation to the final product, is truly one of a kind. His unique method of painting coupled with the vivid colors and bold lines has invoked deep emotion from those who experience his art. A piece from Ynacio is the emotion itself, even the soul that perceives it. Its purpose is to act not as a portrayal of emotion but as a mirror of the soul.

Of his work Ynacio says, "Each piece is a living piece. Each piece is a prayer. It’s an emotion, it’s a feeling. It’s alive. When you look at a piece it’ll stare back at you. It’s called a living piece because it’s a part of me. It’s a part of my heart and soul. And as you find a piece that speaks to you, it will grow with you. As you get older in life, the piece itself will grow with you. It will age with you. You’re going to ask it questions and it will ask you questions. And you’ll answer each other. That’s why it’s a living piece. It’s not just finger painting on glass, it’s alive."

Displayed here are two of his pieces that accomplish this purpose with a description given in his own words:

"August is a good man. He’s bold, handsome, and successful. He’s got it all, but like us he’s flesh and bone. It’s sunshine on the outside but a raging storm inside his head. It’s a fight every day, he’s just gotten really good at covering up his pain, he’s done it all his life. He looks in the mirror and hates himself. He wants to show himself the same mercy and love he shows others but can’t. He’s smiling on the outside, holding back tears; he speaks with joy, but it comes from a brokenhearted man. Those blue eyes just draw you in. Whether you want to or not, you’ll look at those eyes and they’ll talk back to you."

"Ocean has always been one of my favorite pieces. He’s called Ocean because He’s so vast. I don’t know where He begins or ends. I’m not sure if He’s happy or sad, angry or peaceful. I want the viewer to look at Him and create their own emotion."

Ynacio accredits this gift and his life to God and esteems himself only as the instrument in the Lord’s hands. His hope is that those who are prepared to receive each piece will find themselves within it. If you are interested in learning more about Ynacio, seeing a wider variety of his artwork, or speaking to a member of his team, please join us on social media or visit our website.

Instagram: ynacioart
Facebook: ynacio
Website: Ynacio.com

Devin Foy