Emerging Artist Daband Cheif is Rising to Success

BUXTON, N.C., Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áDaband Cheif is an emerging artist who is rising his way to success with his latest single "Wipe". He has decided to work with Donnie Lee Farrow of Donnie Lees Music Services to help build and market his brand. His track "Wipe" is about bringing together two underlying topics in adversity, building fun points much related to the lower parts in life. His track goes on to talk more about clothing designs that he vibes to when he’s looking good. When he made the song, he said he played the beat once and started to record, then the first eight bars came out perfectly, and then after that the rest just came naturally.

Here is a little bit about Daband Cheif; he is a visionary and an artist that is worthwhile, vivid in painting art to illustrate a troubled lifestyle. He is a growth creed witch who instills in his music, whether the music is fun, sad or energetic, it will most definitely be entertaining. Daband Cheif grew up in East Little Rock, Arkansas. The limits he has are beyond the limits of the city’s adversities. Some of the artists he has worked with are PnB Rock, Chris Brown, D’Loc, Techn9ne and has worked with producers from shockwave to ovo producers. Ceejay known as C-note above the hype living in Miami. Touring over 25 states, the clear view of his projection is broad and liberal. "I grew up listening to Texas Rappers like Pimp C Big, Tuck 8ball, and MJG to Baton Rouge, Lil Boosie and Webbie. Also listened to Hot boys and Master P," says Cheif. He has gravitated to listening to different artists like Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, NBA Youngboy and many more different feels and vibes from the music industry. He loves music. He sat in a cell for two and half years and the most calming thing he said he could do to cope with his time was to write and think.

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