Elektragaaz Releases New EP in Your Own Private Cinema Series

NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 22, Elektragaaz releases the second in a six-part series of EPs, Your Own Private Cinema, Part 2. The music from this genre-agnostic, progressive multi-fusion instrumental group has been spooling colorful and wildly original “movies for the mind” to the delight of its fans for the past few years, drawing on diverse cultural influences including rock, club, techno, pop, dance, film, comic strips, classical music, hip hop and video games as sources of inspiration. The music blends electronica with electric guitars, electric bass, keyboards, horns, strings and woodwinds to create a sound like no other.

Diversity and a sense of drama continue with the offerings in Your Own Private Cinema, Part 2. The Great Disquiet reflects a world of anxious anticipation while The Return of the Sea God is a triumphal march celebrating the second coming of a great hero, perhaps a god. Maurice The Passionate Android is the story of an artificial intelligence who has found the emotion of love infecting his micro-circuits while Hey Everybody ventures into electronic funk. Kat’s Tale is a hip young woman’s recounting of her walk through an electric night life while Night Wings is an homage to the creatures of the night.

Beginning with their initial series of EPs, The Synesthetic Picture Show Parts 1through 6, the music of Elektragaaz has been greeted by almost unanimously ecstatic reviews. The recordings have been called “masterful and original,” “mesmerizing,” “ground breaking,” “magic,” and a work of “musical genius”. Echoing a general theme, one reviewer opined that “Elektragaaz has reinvigorated and redefined instrumental music” while another commentator suggests the music “transports you the moment you press play.” While the music of Elektragaaz cannot be easily pigeon-holed, it might be described as Pink Floyd meets Karlheinz Stockhausen meets Steven Wilson meets Snarky Puppy meets Kraftwerk. One commentator has described the sonic landscape as a successful combination of a variety of genres “ranging from the sizzle of jazz, baroque aromas, the smooth elongated flows of prog-rock, the energy of dance, and the heft of alt-rock.” 

To add to the general excitement concerning this unique music, Elektragaaz is pleased to announce that music from the current EP as well as past and future releases will soon be available in the ATMOS music format, the revolutionary new technology in three-dimensional audio. This will not only allow listeners to listen to the music, it will allow them to experience it, to live in it. Stayed tuned for further announcements on these new ATMOS releases.

Founded in 2017, Elektagaaz combines the electronic compositions of a mysterious and reclusive Frisian composer who goes by the pseudonym of Poppo Redband with instrumental contributions on a variety of instruments from some of the very finest musicians from the New York metropolitan area. Major contributors include Kathy Sheppard aka Kathy Kaos on keyboards, Kate Amrine aka Kosmic Kate on brass, Tom McCaffrey aka Tom Elektron on electric guitar, Jasper Dutz aka Jas Windstorm on woodwinds, Josh Henderson aka Josh Firebow on strings and Mat Muntz aka Mat Thunder on bass. In addition, Australian double bassist Lisa Maree Dowling, New York guitarist Michael Suke Cerulo and New Yorker Mike Nolan on steel guitar make special guest appearances on the song, Night Wings while Blair Hamrick adds French horn flavoring to Return of the Sea God and Gina Benalcázar López lends a trombone to Hey Everybody.

Your Own Private Cinema, Part 2 is a City Canyons Production on AIS Records and is distributed by City Hall/Virtual Label to all major music platforms.                    

Your Own Private Cinema, Part 2 is available for streaming on Spotify and SoundCloud.


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