Ecuadorian-American Artist Pablo Caviedes Presents MONO + COLOR

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the case of New York artist Pablo Caviedes, it’s about how Ecuador, Paris, Barcelona and New York have played an instrumental part in developing his artistic concept.

His works include ‘Entre blanco oscuro y Negros claros," "Los Ungulados," "Griots," "Silencio, "Bridges and Ways," "Mannequin," "Nomada," and recently, "On the Map."

‘While I mainly use painting, drawing, etching, sculpture, art objects and installations, I also use digital art, 3D painting and animation to develop a visual language. These techniques enable me to express my philosophy of life."

More than a year into the lockdown, Caviedes displayed in his black and white drawings the tragedy associated with the pandemic. By contrast, his colorful works in silk symbolize the post-pandemic stages filled with growth and new life.

His "On the Map" work includes a 2019 book in English and Spanish.  The 204-page book, with texts by art historian Dr. Jose Rodeiro, was published by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador. 

His black and white drawings in "On the Map" and "Craniums" exhibit the morbid nature of the pandemic, while his more recent works in silk display the vivid aspects related to life and new growth.

"After a year-and-a-half of the lockdown, with the anguish and pain of witnessing deaths and a fear of uncertainty which had stopped social life for many in one way or another, we once again observe the dynamics of social life having its comeback," says Caviedes.

"Life continues and a human being does not stop, following the growing course of coming, going, crossing borders, emigrating and making a difference by leaving that fresh beam of light with a lot of color at each step."

First Lady Michele Obama commended Caviedes saying in a letter, "Talents like yours demonstrate the power of our glorious diversity to make us smarter and more creative and I hope you will continue to use the power of your voice to lift up those around you."

Raul Perez Torres, minister of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador says the work by Caviedes in "On the Map" reflects a "revelation of the transformational spirit that breathes life into it."

"This volume that we place in your hands is nothing if not proof of what an Ecuadorian can achieve when passion for the visual arts turns to flesh of his flesh."

Born in 1971 in Cotacachi, Ecuador, Caviedes is seen as a force within the emerging 21st century US-Latino transcultural arts scene.  More can be learned about Pablo Caviedes on his website:

A reception will be held Friday Oct. 8 to introduce Caviedes: "MONO + COLOR." The reception, from 6 to 8 p.m., will be held at Gallery: 246 West 54th St. in New York.

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