Earhart’s Elusive Electra: “Is The Hunt Over?”

CHOWCHILLA, Calif., Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mike Ashmore suggests Amelia Earhart’s plane has possibly been located on a small uninhabited island called Nikumaroro (formerly known as Gardner Island), having been one of many locations included in the US Navy’s exhaustive 1937 search effort, "though to no avail." Today this island is now considered by some to be the final resting place of the aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan. Missing since July 2,1937, after failing to reach their waypoint of Howland Island during her "Round The World Flight" all those years ago. Vanishing as if into thin air, they were gone! Leaving us a mystery that seems more unlikely to be solved with every passing year, as time slowly erases what little clues they’ve left behind.

Recently a possible game changer was unearthed in May 2020 by Navy Veteran Michael Ashmore while researching Nikumaroro Island on Apple Maps. A satellite image of what appears to show a considerably large object peering through the water, exhibiting angles and lines curiously similar to aircraft wreckage. Could this be the first glimpse of fabled Amelia Earhart’s long lost Lockheed Electra 10E after all these years? As if right under our nose! Simply hiding in plain sight at the Taraia spit, submerged in the lagoons shallow water, under layers of silt and sand for decades. Having presumably become visible due to storm surges and normal tidal movements over time. Though now as before, slowly retreating back into a watery grave as nature buries it once again under a camouflage of sand and silt. Vanishing from sight as if hiding and waiting to be discovered.

This anomaly known as the "Taraia Object" just may be the jumpstart this mystery needs to conclusively link these missing fliers to this island in their final days. But only time will tell, though time seems to be our greatest nemesis. "The search goes on."

So please visit roadtoamelia.org and follow the Taraia Object research in a quest to bring closure to Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan’s disappearance. Aiming to solve this mystery one clue at a time and looking forward to conclusively bringing this to a close in the near ever changing future.

                                  "The clues are out there, we just need to see them."

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SOURCE Michael Ashmore