DVE Granted Landmark Patent for Transparent LCD Holographic Streaming and Videoconferencing

IRVINE, Calif., March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DVEholographics announced today the granting of US Patent #11,258,983 which claims priority of all transparent LCD live interactive broadcast streaming which includes all videoconferencing using applications such as Zoom, Webex, and Teams. The patent claims dozens of configurational uses such as portrait displays with standing life-size holographic participants, as well as replacing millions of common videoconferencing rooms. "Interest in better videoconferencing has increased exponentially in the past few years. We have been at the forefront for nearly every major innovation in augmented reality holographic communications for two decades and now continue our leadership in the space with transparent LCD display technology. The possibilities to connect people with visually engaging technology will be transformative for business and leisure," stated Jeff Machtig, Co-Founder of DVEholographics.

Today, hundreds of millions of people utilize video apps and most users have the same complaint: It is not a replacement for being there in person. DVE’s leadership in holographic conferencing and display technology has resulted in many groundbreaking solutions provided to the US Government and Fortune 500 clients. DVE has secured the largest patent base in the world in numerous holographic communication technologies which includes reflection, projection, transparent OLED, and HDR holographic solutions, to name a few. All of these solutions, now including transparent LCDs, are utilizable to create networks of subject matter experts and entertainers that appear holographically by engaging an online application. Targeted industries include but are not limited to, corporate communications, government / military communications, recorded and live entertainment, healthcare, education, financial services, and retail stores. The expansive patent base for transparent LCDs will grow to hundreds of claims for both recorded presentations of people and 3D objects and live communications.  Patented innovations include improving the holographic illusion using shadows, reflections, illuminated housings and environments with depth cues, and numerous other claimed technologies and applications.

Machtig continued, "We have now begun informing end users, dealers, resellers, manufacturers, and service providers of the scope and breadth of our newly issued US patent. Our patent priority dates were established years before newer firms entered the market. IP protection and monetization are now a major focus of the business, as well as key to launching a new generation of augmented reality products based on our patents in transparent LCDs." Venable LLP has been retained to commence all necessary actions to protect the rights granted by the new patent and future continuation-in-part patents. 

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DVE has the largest patent base in the world in glasses-free augmented reality videoconferencing, telepresence, and broadcasting. DVE is a think tank, design, engineering, and creative studio, producing ingeniously designed holographic environments and displays for clients around the globe. DVE’s patented solutions are deployed at global live events, concerts, event venues, and movie theaters powered by DVE’s communications network and creative production studios.

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