Down4Sound Shop Attends to 30th Annual Slamfest Car and Truck Show in Florida

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Down4Sound Shop attends the 30th Annual Slamfest Car and Truck Show in Florida. The Slamfest is one of the biggest car and truck shows in the region, dedicated to showing off wonderful automotive creations from its community. is one of the leading brands in-car audio, Headquartered in Las Vegas. It’s one of the fastest grow and leading brands that almost all audio fanatics refer to whenever they want to upgrade their automotive with high-end bass and stereo systems.

The Slamfest has been organized for automotive enthusiasts to show off their unique upgrades and round the show with some amazing moments. For the first time, Down4Sound will also be joining the event on its 30th Year in celebration.

Johnathan Price of the Down4Sound is also showing up at the event and interacting with the fans. Moreover, the brand has announced an amazing offer for audio fanatics. JP and Down4Sound will be giving away a staggering 100,000w Down4Sound Neohoe on the occasion to the winner of the event in the said category.

Sources got up-close interaction with JP and wanted to know more about what he expects of the event. According to Johnathan Price, the Slamfest is one of the most amazing automotive shows to be organized in the history of Florida and perhaps the entire country.

People from around the US and the globe visit the event with their slammed trucks, custom rides featuring Being one of the leading brands for automotive audio providers, it’s an honor for him and for the team of Down4Sound to be present at the event and joining of others for an epic time.

As for the products, Down4Sound has introduced some of the exciting bass products that it has been teasing for quite some time now. Fans are eager to see what unique presents does JP and his team will be bringing.

They’ve already aroused an immensely great level of excitement with their giveaway offer and it’s almost less than 10 days for the event to begin. Even though the COVID pandemic has created quite a mess since the beginning of 2020, it seems that the event is most likely to take place.

Moreover, with the presence of such a huge brand and an amazing giveaway offer, it’s doesn’t get pre-hyped than this. The event is expected to gain a significant response and fans are already going for the preparations to make sure their vehicles look the best throughout the event.

What’s left to see is how well the event will be organized and which amazing products Down4Sound will be bringing for its automotive audio fanatics especially after its commitment post online.

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