Don Has A Double-Shot Of Pure Instrumental Entertainment Planned For 2-22-2022 – 2 New Albums!

MARIETTA, Ga., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After establishing his name in the game as a premier source of entertainment & vibrantly versatile beats through his debut record Today Is A New Day – the only question that truly remained afterwards was, how would Don go about raising the stakes even further? The answer – TWO ALBUMS, released on the very same day – the twenty-second day, in fact, of the second month, in the year 2022 – and this time around, Don’s gone TWICE as hard to create a sensory experience with dynamic vibes unlike any other.

Arriving online officially on every major music platform this 2-22-2022, Keep It Real and Right Over There are being released simultaneously in a double-shot of purely radiant audio entertainment that reveals the full scope of just how far Don’s music has come in such a remarkably short time.  From wild, inspired Hip-Hop beats, to mellow cinematic melodies that truly sparkle & shine through high-quality production, innovative ideas, and relentless imagination added into every note & tone to be heard – Don’s attention to the finest details is second to none, ensuring every cut on each record is guaranteed to be turned UP!

An exploratory audio odyssey told over the instrumental tales of two spectacular records – join Don this year for the release of his new albums this February, as he continues to turn his biggest dreams into his daily reality, through music made to be enjoyed by all, and added to the soundtracks of everyone’s life.

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