Revolutionizing Boater Travel with ‘The Airbnb for Docks’

MIAMI, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Joanna Martel and Daniela Medina are excited to unveil This groundbreaking app, known as “the Airbnb for docks,” is transforming the way boaters travel by simplifying the process of finding and securing docking space.

From Charter Business Challenges to Innovative Solutions

The journey to creating dockaboat started in the founders’ own charter business. Confronted with the persistent challenge of securing docking space, Martel and Medina were inspired to devise a solution. is the fruit of this inspiration, crafted to ease the travel experiences of boaters by offering a convenient platform for dock renting.

Alleviating Marina Waitlists and Benefiting Dock Owners

Marinas worldwide struggle with long waitlists, leaving many boaters without docking options. dockaboat addresses this by enabling dock owners to list their available spaces, thereby transforming underused docks into profitable assets. This not only opens up more options for boaters but also provides dock owners with a new avenue for income.

User-Friendly Features Enhancing Boating Experiences

The app’s “Book Now” functionality and comprehensive Dock Shield insurance make securing a dock both easy and secure. This innovation is not limited to Miami; the vision of Martel and Medina is to establish dockaboat as a pivotal solution in marine docking globally.

Economic and Environmental Contributions

Beyond travel convenience, dockaboat offers significant economic benefits and reduces environmental impact. By optimizing the use of existing docks, it diminishes the need for new construction, contributing to sustainability and supporting local economies.

Global Impact and Industry Recognition

As featured in Yachting Ventures, dockaboat is poised to make a substantial global impact, revolutionizing how boaters approach their journeys and docking needs.

Join the Docking Revolution

The marine industry is invited to embrace this innovative solution. Download dockaboat today to be a part of the future of boating travel and enjoy Zero fees. Yes, you read that right!

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