Dispel Launches Cybersecurity Podcast, Moving Targets

World’s Leading Industrial Secure Remote Access Provider Dissects the Ever-evolving Landscape of Cybersecurity and Privacy in the Digital Age

AUSTIN, Texas, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dispel, the world’s leading secure remote access platform for industrial networks and critical infrastructure, has launched their new podcast called Moving Targets. It will be hosted by Dispel’s Caroline Miller, software engineer, and David Elden, senior full stack engineer, and will feature Ethan Schmertzler, CEO and co-founder, as a guest speaker.

“We decided to name the podcast Moving Targets in honor of our Moving Target Defense technology,” said Ethan Schmertzler, CEO and co-founder of Dispel. “We want to emphasize the importance of the technology, but also provide first-rate cybersecurity insight and help people keep up with constantly evolving standards, regulations and expectations.”

Moving Targets will provide listeners with an inside look at the people behind the machines as they explore and dissect technologies and strategies shaping cybersecurity’s future. Additionally, the podcast will share insights on how to stay ahead of the threats in this constantly growing field.

“We’re excited to launch this podcast because we can connect directly with our current clients and those interested in cybersecurity,” said Schmertzler. “Our goal is to promote cyber-resilience in a relatable way and to bring attention to key industry issues and innovations.”

In each monthly episode, Moving Targets will dive into the latest cyber trends, threats and solutions, featuring expert guests from various industries. From discussing the latest data breaches and vulnerabilities to examining the future of encryption and cloud security, the podcast will cover a wide range of essential topics for anyone interested in protecting themselves or their organization from cyberattacks.

Moving Targets will be available for listening on Dispel.com, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube. For more information, visit Dispel.com.

About Dispel

Dispel, founded in 2015, is the world’s leading remote access platform securing industrial control systems and critical infrastructure networks with Moving Target Defense providing global services for government, manufacturing and utilities. Designed, built and maintained in the United States with offices in New York, Austin, Washington D.C., and Tokyo, Dispel secures critical assets all over the world serving over 40 million people and partners. For more information, visit dispel.com.

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