Discovering Fun Just a Few Swipes Away – Free New Funfinder App Offers Access to the Best Dining, Clubs, and Other Activities for Northeastern Wisconsin

GREEN BAY, Wis., April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Funfinder ( officially announces the launch of its app for both mobile and the PC, offering a wide-ranging list of dining locations, pubs and sports bars, wineries, cafés and coffee bars, and detailed information about live entertainment and ongoing events. With a single free download, the app gives access to thousands of places to go, eateries to visit, and destinations to explore in the Northeast of Wisconsin. But more than just a listing of places and events, Funfinder offers up a wealth of useful information like: quick links to dedicated pages for each listing; physical addresses, with access to GPS software; phone numbers and hours of operation, with featured specials and menu items; digital posters and slide presentations; videos and 360-degree digital tours; as well as social media and webpage links for each destination featured on the site. Funfinder is available for mobile download via Google Play and the App Store.

“Funfinder answers that common, age-old question: What is there to do around here?” said Dick Lawler, Funfinder creator. “We offer insider access to special events and activities so people can make the most of their days off, weekends, family time, or special vacations to the area. And users can sign up for regular notifications of special offers and news, including event upgrades, new menu items from their favorite restaurants, special coupons, holiday passes – so they never miss out. We’re a great way to advertise for businesses, offering low-cost shared advertising for restaurants, bars, and live entertainment in the area. And we do a lot of social media advertising too, helping maximize our reach, while constantly expanding our area to include new cities in the region.”

Funfinder: 5-Star User Testimonials

“Honestly a pretty cool app. Very straight forward. Let’s me know what’s going on around me and the platform is very smooth.” M. Guyette, Googly Play review

“Love it! It’s easy to use and helps me know what’s going on and where to go for entertainment and food.” C. Reinke, Google Play review

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About Funfinder

Funfinder is a free app that allows users to find new and exciting experiences in the Northeastern Wisconsin region. From dining-out to finding new clubs, drinks, and live entertainment, Funfinder can help users discover all the best places to spend their leisure time. Funfinder lists a wide variety of exciting destinations: pubs, sports and wine bars, coffee houses, restaurants, gaming facilities, and more. And for those looking for a romantic spot to spend an evening with loved ones, Funfinder regularly adds the newest fine dining and live music venues in Northeast Wisconsin. Learn more at:

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Dick Lawler

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