Discover Magic Unveils New Online Solution for Parents

PROVO, Utah, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Discover Magic company has unveiled a new kind of magic for kids, called Magic Adventure Camp. It shows how camp can take on a new form and be a viable answer to quarantining. Magic Adventure Camp may be the one Zoom session parents will actually look forward to, and it teaches kids important life skills even while they’re making a star appear with a single snip of the scissors. Abracadabra!

The magic behind it all is that the week-long program uses a virtual playbook that the professional magicians of Discover Magic created specifically for an online environment.

“Magic Adventure Camp is all new curriculum that we developed as a response to the current quarantining,” says Michael Mario, a cofounder of Discover Magic and parent of two. “Regardless of how kids are being schooled right now, at home or otherwise, it’s extra stressful for families. We wanted to offer a safe, fun environment where kids get to interact virtually with each other and take on achievable new challenges in the form of magic tricks.”

Five different virtual adventures, including a dessert island
Every day of Magic Adventure Camp is—well, a new adventure. One day the kids virtually make their way through a jungle, the next they zoom to outer space, then they head to a dessert island (not a typo—what kid doesn’t love desserts?), then a factory of wonder and finally, an underground magic headquarters.

Armed with a supply of cool magic stuff that Discover Magic mails to them in advance of their camp date, kids learn how to make things appear and disappear, read people’s minds and master optical illusions.

Geared toward children ages 8 through 12, the five 90-minute sessions are limited to 20 campers plus their camp guides (aka Discover Magic’s certified instructors).

“That’s the optimal number of kids who fit on a computer screen,” Mario explains. “We want the kids to be able to see each other and interact with one another. And their camp guides want to make sure they understand how to perform the magic tricks.”

“From this first day I was so impressed with the program, the interactions, and how well you’ve adapted to the virtual scenario!” Megan Gorham, parent of a Magic Adventurer Camper, says.  “THANK YOU, for teaching my son more than just magic!” 

As for the life lesson that Discover Magic weaves into the adventures, it’s all about “thank you”—gratitude, in other words.

“For each adventure, we focus on a different type of gratitude: thankful for friends, thankful for food, thankful for nature, and so on,” says Mario. “Now more than ever, it seems the key to happiness is appreciating what we have rather than focusing on what we are missing.”

Whatever form after-school is taking, a week at Magic Adventure Camp will help lift spirits and provide an enchanting new focus for kids that will continue even when camp concludes.

Plus your kids will mean it when they utter those two magic words to you.

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