Diary of a Woman’s Misadventures in Iraq: A TMI Journey from PR Executive to Machine Gunner on the Front Lines of War

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sgt. Melia Meichelbock is no ordinary soldier. She’s one of us — an educated business professional. But in February 2004, she received shocking news that would change her life forever: She was being mobilized for deployment to Iraq.

Readers follow Melia’s intimate, often humorous, fish-out-of-water journey as one of only two women in her company, as she fights to survive and fit into a world unlike anything she’s ever known. Her misadventures lead her through all the phases of fear, anger and, finally, acceptance of her tour into the heart of Iraq as she struggles to find her place in the desert, often among the unwilling, unhelpful, and sometimes all-too-friendly soldiers looking for a deployment fling.

No other book delivers such palpable emotion with a true understanding of the raw fear and gut-wrenching heartbreak that Melia endures daily, while struggling to maintain her sense of humor as she makes her way across the dangerous terrain of occupied Iraq. 

Diary of a Woman’s Misadventures in Iraq is available now. You can order today at www.meliabooks.com or on Amazon.com

A dramedy series script based on Melia’s book is currently in production.

About Melia Meichelbock:

Melia served eight years as a Civil Affairs Sergeant in the United States Army Reserve Special Operations Command. She completed a 10-month combat tour in Iraq, where she assisted with the country’s first free election process. As a civilian, Melia has worked in the financial industry for 30 years, holding various leadership positions in marketing and public relations including four years as a CEO for a small financial institution in Los Angeles, California. She has previously authored two fiction books.

Melia is a lifelong learner and adventurer. She holds a doctorate in psychology and a master’s degree in business administration.

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