Diamond Leone, A Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investor turned Author, Inner Journey Expert & Life Strategist

NEW YORK, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Diamond has mastered the art of using setbacks as a setup for a more exciting future.

In her latest book, entitled Get Your Happy Back: 7 Principles to Get Unstuck and Take Back Your Power!, Diamond Leone shares 7 key Principles that are powerful and life changing for those who are ready to embrace a significant mental shift.

Self-improvement is an exciting journey and opportunity for us to see what we are capable of becoming, one decision at a time. While everyone desires to make monumental changes in their life for the better, most do not know where to start. Diamond solves this challenge by sharing the seven strategies she used to overcome the challenges in her life.

From being homeless as a child many times, suffering rejection of her father’s love, going through a heartbreaking divorce and overcoming hurdles as a single mother, Diamond gained valuable insights about bouncing back and perfecting the art of resilience. Her story is the epitome of a powerful and persevering woman, having come from nothing to earning millions of dollars from real estate after completely changing her mindset.

Diamond dedicates her newest masterpiece to anyone bound by limiting beliefs caused by social stigma, early life conditioning or any situation that has rendered them feeling frustrated or helpless. With the right mindset, strategies and habits, Leone empowers her community to become the main character in their story. She teaches the power of rewriting the script at any time to become the hero and winner they were created to be.

Previously, Diamond became a contributing author to TrendSetters, a collaborative project where experts reveal strategies for attaining health, wealth and success published on Amazon. As a creative entrepreneur, author, and transformational life strategist, she guides others in personal growth to have real results and lasting internal happiness!

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