Debut At 62; Late-Life Musician Encourages Listeners to Enjoy the Ride

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — "Every year gets better if we build on the past" is a mantra that’s guided Paul Nourigat through life’s rough seas, to continually arrive in amazing places. One of those places is his new four-song EP called "Shake Stuff Up," being released November 11th, magnifying life’s journey, aging, and wisdom. It offers emphatic testimony to the potential we all have, as it marks his 3rd anniversary of writing, playing guitar, and singing, with no formal musical education.

Says Nourigat, "Between everyday life-pressures and Covid’s constraints, people are stuck in ruts that rob them of time they will never get back. I hope my music inspires people to break away, pursue their passions and interests, and make the most of each precious day, particularly given the challenges that surround us."

He fuses country, folk, soul, rock, and blues into an Americana genre that delivers diverse arrangements, connected through his smooth voice and original storytelling. "Shake Stuff Up" is available on the major music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple, and Amazon, plus three music videos on YouTube

The title song original "Shake Stuff Up" pays respect to the elders who guided Nourigat’s early life decisions, in a driving rock/blues vibe, while encouraging listeners to enjoy more of life before it’s too late. "Hippy Turning 50" is a folk-rock cover song that compares hectic middle-age life to the 50, 60, and 70-year-old thresholds. Tom Patty, the song’s author, was showcased in a CNN lifestyle story 20 years ago, and he encouraged Nourigat to build on his original version of the song, as they strummed guitars together in the San Juan Islands. "Surf’s Edge" was penned by Nourigat when visiting the Oregon coast this August, as 118-degree inland temperatures, Covid, and raging wildfires were consuming people’s attention.  He packaged beer, dogs, and beaches into a reggae vibe that encourages listeners to "just chill" from time-to-time, to escape life’s pressures … by enjoying simple pleasures.  "A Northwest Thing" is a soft country-rock original that applauds the recent late-life marriage of the artist’s old friends, and the resulting joy from making the most of life during this difficult period in history.  That pretty much sums-up the vibe of this entire EP.

Static Drive’s Bob Smith called Nourigat’s debut album (Open Up My Days) "quietly powerful and emotional."  Music critic Dave Franklin adds "… it’s filled with understated and accessible songs, poignant messages and powerful thoughts. But the most poignant and powerful idea of all has to be this. It’s never too late to try something new, chase a new dream or explore a new creative path."

With 40 original songs now written, and 60 in development, look for more of Nourigat’s storytelling in the years ahead. As his 63rd birthday approaches, he’s just getting started.

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