De Rankin Uses OnlyFans Account to Destigmatize Sexual Desires and Understand Relationship Satisfaction

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During the spring of 2021 OnlyFans star De Rankin was completing the Psychology course, The Psychology of Close Relationships at Harvard when the question came up regarding the true impact of authenticity in romantic relationships, for her master’s in psychology. In order to better understand the depth of the ability of authenticity to cause relationship dissatisfaction De began on Only Fans page. While gathering information on her relationships and desires the page quickly blossomed into a multi-million-dollar venture.

"The information and insight I have gathered is invaluable in understanding the depth of our inability to express ourselves not only in everyday interactions within society, but to our own intimate partners due to the stigma of sexual desire." De explains that through her interactions she has discovered that many of the root causes of marital dissatisfaction can be traced back to a mis match in sexual needs and desires within the couple’s ability to communicate them. With 165 thousand active fans and a total of 325 thousand subscribers De has garnered enough information to publish findings later this year. "This will be a broad based informational publishing, don’t worry, no names or specific examples will be disclosed, that would break the confidential nature of my fans and their ability to express themselves to me." It should be noted that De’s account is now one of the largest accounts on Only Fans and ranks in the top .05% of over 1 million creators, putting this account in the top 500 worldwide next to stars such as Carmen Electra, Dennis Richards, and Cardi B.

Many people used the coronavirus pandemic to discover new parts of themselves. For some people, it was baking bread; for others, it was meditation and yoga. For De Rankin, a registered nurse completing her master’s in psychology at Harvard University it was discovering a new way to help people keep connected or better yet connect with their own authentic desires.

De began an Only Fans account during the COVID lockdown and has since amassed a 300k following. In the early days of her creative outlet, De hoped to fill a gap for people who were looking for someone to connect with after they finished work while gathering information for her research papers. With so many people working from home or forced to return home straight from work due to corona-related restrictions on socializing in social spaces, the usual avenues that people had for connection were no longer available and it seemed like a great place to gather data on the effects of suppressing one’s authentic self in relationships.

De runs her Only Fans account alongside her current position as the Director of Nursing for a large insurance company. While her initial ambition for the account may have been to gather insights for her research paper and dissertation she could have never imagined the explosive growth she would experience. Her mission is no longer only to gather insights but to educate the general public about the stigma of shaming people for their sexual desires and wants.

De believes that a person’s private, hidden fantasies can take a toll on his or her mental health if not expressed or explored safely.  As a psychiatric RN and Psychology student at Harvard University, mental health is something that De understands all too well. She says that the energy that people exert having to mask their authentic selves throughout the day can be exhausting and takes an immeasurable toll on relationships and people ability to find satisfaction in everyday life.  

The public tends to think that "hidden desires" is something that by and large only affects homosexual individuals, having to hide their identity, but De explains that it’s something that affects everyone; men and women, heterosexual and homosexual. There are plenty of people out there with sexual desires that they are afraid or embarrassed to express, not only in public but to their own partners. For De, this must change. She believes that now is the time to have open, honest, and understanding conversations about people’s desires, kinks, and sexual preferences, in both a private setting with primary partners and with friends and other people within the social network.

Her goal, if realized, could have a profound effect on the mental well-being of society. Experts believe that nearly three-quarters of relationship dissatisfaction stems from an inability to communicate openly and authentically about sexual desires, including what a person wants to explore in the bedroom, with feeling judgment or shame. Recent studies have found that up to 67% of heterosexual men want to experience being dominated in the bedroom and up to 34% of heterosexual women want to experience multiple partners at one time, however only 6-12% actively express this desire to their partners for fear of admonishment.

De’s work has progressed significantly since the early days of the pandemic. Today, she often spends her evenings working remotely with couples, helping them to discuss their boundaries and desires, and giving them an encouraging nudge in the right direction. The Only Fans platform, which is based entirely online, has allowed people to explore desires in a relaxed and stress-free environment and has been welcomed; engaging in virtual sexual activities, such as a virtual threesome, helps to ease the transition into trying the activity in the real world. For De, it’s another job well done; for her clients, it’s an emboldening experience that can help to further their relationship and boost satisfaction. De plans to release her findings later this year once the analysis of all the data has been completed.

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