DaystromNFT Announces BowieBanc NFT Will Go to Auction

CATALINA ISLAND, Calif., Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With bids starting at a single Ethereum, the first and only BowieBanc Non-Fungible Token ("NFT") featuring the digitized art of rock & roll icon/iconoclast David Bowie (United Kingdom,1947-2016) goes to auction on February 7, 2022 thru February 11, 2022 at The auction is sponsored by Emmy-winning DAYstrom, the Mindshare behind "BowieBanc" and progenitors of contemporary digital art that incorporates deconstruction as art itself ("Free Comb", Basquiat) by the 1st Amendment of the United States.

We’re thrilled to sponsor sale of the original BowieBanc "Artist Proof", a one-of-a-kind primordial NFT featuring the authenticity and individuality of Ethereum’s decentralized blockchain platform. The winning bidder will receive an encrypted tokenized NFT of Bowie’s original Artist Proof captioned "BowieBanc Card" (mixed media/financial instrument – 2000) along with possession of the only physical rendition of the artwork ever created, with supplementary provenance by way of authentication.

The winning bidder acquires the BowieBanc NFT and may thereafter direct DayStrom to deconstruct the original physical work in a streamed broadcast.  That broadcast shall in itself be memorialized as an NFT on the blockchain and provided at no additional charge to the winning bidder.

Mindshare said anonymously; "A techno-genius whose rarified life was fueled with industrial strength creativity and tremendous intellectual horsepower, David Bowie is among the most powerful social media icons to have lived on our planet. Decades before the advent of blockchain, he anticipated NFT’s as a talisman for the financial services industry, a method of transferring value above and beyond the grasp of conventional banking networks. The bank card he personally and meticulously designed portrays his own self-image, exactly as made widely available to BowieBanc users beginning 2001. In the event the winning bidder directs deconstruction of the original work, Daystrom shall take steps necessary and appropriate to eliminate and destroy the original work, ensuring the NFT remains the only version of the art to exist thereafter."

1)  MasterCard and related financial network branding are subject to Trademark;

2)  The Card has no financial value and will not function on any financial services network in either digital or physical environment

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