DanoSongs Announces Best Catchy Upbeat and Fun Rock Song in Catalog

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dan-O of DanoSongs Royalty Free Music announces his best energy-heavy and catchy rock single “The Time Isn’t Right.” What started out as a royalty free music track is now suddenly getting tens of thousands of plays on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music as well. The release contains captivating guitar riffs, unforgettable melodic hooks, an upbeat anthemic drumline, and radio-friendly vocals.

“I had no idea a song I wrote and recorded decades ago would end up in thousands of YouTube videos, podcasts, games and other online media,” says Dan-O of DanoSongs.com

The rising artist delivers a mysterious theme combined with lyrical depth across the track. The immersing voice and flow will grab the listener’s attention. “The Time Isn’t Right” contains lyricism that will intrigue¬†the people due to the artist’s wordplay and resonating message. From the press of play, listeners are engulfed into a message-heavy track that will have anyone hooked.

“The Time Isn’t Right” and Dan-O’s other songs have been used in over 10,000 videos, podcasts, games, and apps. Make sure to add this uplifting release to your daily rotation. The rock song is available on all digital stores and on DanoSongs.com.

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