Damien Douglas Co-Owner of For Us By Us Network Says Launching This Streaming Platform Makes 3 His Magic Number

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "Art imitates Life." As a lifelong lover of films, it makes sense that today Damien Douglas is an underrated producer with films like Fatale and Supremacy under his belt as well as being a part of the team that you brought you successful films like "The Intruder," "Black & Blue," and "Traffik." It is no surprise with influences like George Lucas, Spike Lee, Ron Howard, and Deon and Roxanne Taylor of the Hidden Empire Film Group that Damien has already worked with stars that have shaped a generation of films such as Danny Glover, Derek Luke, two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank and Mahershela Ali, Academy Award Nominee Naomi Harris, Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, and Dennis Quaid, just to name to few. 

Movies are an escape from reality for Damien where he dips into the library of films in his head and plays out scenarios as if he was there. But, he always felt like something was missing. His mission became to dismantle the traditional, stereotypical roles that historically have been afforded to people of color and evolve filmmaking to a point where all actors can play all characters regardless of race and gender.

Currently, Damien is the co-owner of three companies, Top of the Food Chain EntertainmentMovies by Misfits, and recently launched the For Us By Us NetworkDamien is extremely busy but still has the capacity to take on more. Next up for Damien is the nationwide theatrical release of a movie that he wrote, produced, and shot in Belize during the pandemic, called "PARADISE." In addition to this, Damien has a weekly show called "The Gen Zone" hosted by Jhone Y. Lucas. For him, this project is a personal passion, which will have a puissant on not only this country but also his life. Moreover, he will be curating exclusive e-content for his For Us By Us Network.

Over the past five years, the projects that Damien has worked on have grossed 100 million dollars in the box office. He expects that success to continue with the release of the film, "FEAR," that stars Joseph Sikora, Clifford "T. I." Harris, and Ruby Modine. Damien plans on leaving an impactful legacy, stating "I believe that more often than not, that our people that have walked through the door of success, believe that they should close the door and lock it behind them." Then they stand guard at the door to make sure no one that looks like them can come through that door. This is something that I am changing by my actions by working with Forever Young Entertainment."

Nickie Robinson


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