Dallas Theater Veteran’s Harrowing One-Man Show, The Incident, Reimagined as Chilling True Crime Podcast

DALLAS, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CCP Media has begun the release of the multi-part true crime podcast, The Incident, based on one Dallas man’s retelling of a chilling true story of abduction and assault that launched more than three decades of obsession and an unimaginable conclusion. Told first-hand by the survivor, multiple DFW Critics’ Forum Award -winner Terry Vandivort, the autobiographical one-man show premiered to critical acclaim in Dallas in October 2016.  The Incident has now been reimagined as a podcast, directed by Cameron Cobb and fueled by the masterful sound design of John Flores, who also composed original music with frequent collaborator Jim Kuenzer.

Described as the true-life story of "a hot, drug-fueled hook-up that became a collision course with a deadly stranger," the eerie mystery – with Vandivort the detective at the heart of it all – bears a strong disclaimer due to its graphic descriptions of sexual situations/assault and violence.

"It was important for me to be truthful to my experience in a way that I was never able to be in the years since my attack occurred. I needed to get this horrible memory out of my head and on to the page," says Vandivort.  "There was a sort of therapy in the development of The Incident. The ability to expand this story into the podcast form has only continued that discovery."

The Incident‘s first season explores a terrifying assault and ensuing events that haunted Vandivort for more than three decades. In the late ’70s, what began as a simple connection for sex with a mysterious stranger led to a night of terror… in which he was abandoned – naked and alone in the middle of nowhere on a cold winter night – forever changed… but obsessed with finding out who his anonymous assailants were.

Director Cameron Cobb says, "The Incident is a true crime podcast unlike anything else. It is one of the first to be written and narrated by a survivor – which gives the listener a unique perspective into how a victim can make the choice to reclaim their role in their own healing narrative. Plus, at its center is a vicious and graphic hate crime on the LGBTQ+ community, a subject often not addressed in this wildly-popular genre."

The pandemic provided Vandivort and Cobb and their seasoned sound collaborators, Flores and Kuenzer, the time and attention to expand the narrative of The Incident in thoughtful and creative ways, says Cobb. "The way John and Jim wove the sound design and music to create tension and themes is almost as gripping as the story itself. Listening to this podcast is like watching a movie in your mind. It takes the possibilities of what can be done in this platform to the next level."

THE INCIDENT will be available across multiple podcast outlets as well as its website www.tellmeabouttheincident.com which also contains a trove of archival photos, articles, and news clips that will allow the listener to investigate the crime drama in real-time as newer episodes are released.

About The Incident

A true crime podcast told by the sole survivor of an event that left him looking over his shoulder for more than 30 years. A story of shame and redemption… and ultimately… a journey to forgiveness.

WARNING: Podcast contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity/assault and violence.

Produced by CCP Media
Written/Narrated by Terry Vandivort
Written/Directed by Cameron Cobb
Sound Design/Original Music – John Flores
Original Music – Jim Kuenzer





Cameron Cobb