‘Crypto Buds’ Sells Over 1800 NFTs in One Week From Wildly Popular Collectible Digital Playing Card Collection – Expects Full Collection Sell-Out by End of Month

TORONTO, April 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Digital arthouse, Crypto Buds (https://thecryptobuds.com/) announced a flurry of sales after launching its inaugural collection of 10,000 collectible Cbud NFTs. Selling nearly 2000 digital cards to the general public in one week, Cbuds range in rarity from uncommon to unique. Each NFT token includes full ownership, is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, and fully syncs to the OpenSea.io platform for selling or trading purposes. All sales are currently under a digital blind for fair distribution, and include full unlimited commercial rights. Crypto Buds also announced the launch of its newest collectible offering: the Crypto Buds LED Headphones with changeable, minted NFT designs. View the full Crypto Buds concept explainer video via Vimeo.

“Our NFT launch has only been live for two weeks, but the global recognition we’re getting so far is absolutely amazing,” said Crypto Buds. “We’ve always known that our NFT collection was special, but it’s incredibly gratifying to see how quickly others are picking up on that too. We’re continuing to sell the Cbuds at a rapid pace, and our blind is still in effect – meaning that not even we know which cards have been sold yet. So buyers still have a chance to purchase those ultra-rare NFTs, including one special unique card that could still be out there for sale. And as promised, we’ve also begun to roll out other collectibles from our company roadmap, starting with our Crypto Buds Headphones.”

Crypto Buds: LED Headphones With NFT Designs

The perfect music-listening device, Crypto Buds Headphones deliver excellent sound while also making a lasting impression: receiving minted NFT designs via an LED screen that allows users to switch designs wirelessly through a mobile app. The designs display on each earcup and up across the headphones arch, in a full LED wraparound. Other features include:

  • State-of-the-art, ultra-HD with flexible circular screens for vivid logo branding and unique art designs.
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth; designs can be changed in real time with Crypto Buds mobile app, including videos, animated gifs, MP4s, etc.

Crypto Buds: Original Collection

The first Crypto Buds collection of 10,000 Cbud NFTs is a tiered system of rarity-valued digital cards sorted into five different categories:

  • Type: DJ Headphones, PC Gamer, Ear Buds, Pods, Bluetooth
  • Style: Pixel, Pixel Metal, Pixel Diamond, Epic Metal, Epic Diamond
  • Pattern: Multi, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond
  • Music Note: Bass Clef, Treble Clef, Sharp, Flat, None
  • MP3: HipHop, EDM, Jazz, Country, Rock, None

Crypto Buds will roll out other digital offerings over the coming months, including art, 3D holograms, virtual games/apps, and a music crypto royalty service for streams and album marketing. The full Crypto Buds catalog includes a diverse collection of crypto collectibles created by over a dozen highly decorated, experienced digital artists from around the world. Crypto Buds was also recently reviewed by the popular YouTube show, “Professor Crypto.”

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