Crowdfunding Reaches New Investor Communities

Company Growth Fuels New Round of Reg A Investments

RIVERVIEW, Fla., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Crowdfunding GolfSuites announced the SEC qualification of a Round 3 Reg A funding to open on May 10, 2022. A renewed interest in diverse investment opportunities is aligned with the shift in markets due to inflation and increased market demand in this growing golf entertainment market. This positions GolfSuites at the crossroads of extremely high demand and low supply. The main competition in the space is owned by a large corporation and does not have the ground floor, individual investment opportunity afforded by Reg A investments for non-accredited, "Main Street" investors. This provision is not widely known and was part of the Jobs Act of 2012. Due to continued growth, the new round is opening at a higher per share price of $12.50 with a $750 minimum investment.

"We are excited to expand our GolfSuites investor community. It includes an incredible group of people who often share the opportunity with friends and family.  GolfSuites enjoys an approximately 28% rate of repeat investments. Investors range from Navy Veterans and nurses to entrepreneurs and golf enthusiasts. Together we are expanding to meet the underserved demand for golf entertainment centers nationwide and plan to have 4 more in development in 2022," stated Gerald Ellenburg, GolfSuites Chairman.

GolfSuites has consistently paid annual yield dividends and does so currently from positive cash flow. Operationally, it has proven to be a model for scaling to meet demand nationwide.

According to Krishan Arora, in a recent Forbes article, "…during my time in the industry (crowdfunding), I’ve seen innovation and inclusivity become the norm in unprecedented ways." Individual investors can now participate in investing in companies with smaller investments, earn dividends and grow their wealth with personal strategies.

About GolfSuites: GolfSuites was created to take advantage of the significant and growing demand for more affordable, less time-consuming alternatives for golfers while providing family-oriented sports entertainment and alternative dining options. The GolfSuites management team brings over 100 years of combined golf, entertainment, food and beverage, and hospitality experience uniquely positioning GolfSuites for accelerated growth and success. For more information on locations and investment opportunities visit or or register for the webinar.

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