Crowdfunding Campaign Begins to Turn Popular Novel "My Heart Remembers" Into Family-Friendly Movie

CHANDLER, Ariz., Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cocoon Productions, LLC and Real Bean Entertainment are partnering to bring Kim Sawyer’s novel My Heart Remembers to the big screen.

Melinda Myers of Cocoon Productions, LLC is the executive producer for the film. Three years ago, Melinda, who resides in Marion, IA, read My Heart Remembers and fell in love with the book. She approached her twin sister Melissa Lawrence, who resides in Chandler, AZ, saying she thought this would make a great family-friendly movie. Her husband, Brian Lawrence, a novelist with script writing experience, took on the project and wrote a script.

Kyle Lawrence, an award-winning film director, member of the Director’s Guild of Canada, and resident of Vancouver, BC, will be the film’s director.

According to, "Most people want to see Good conquer evil, Truth triumph over falsehood, Justice prevail over injustice…They also would like to take their whole family, including their grandparents, to the movies more often."

My Heart Remembers is set in 1903 and is about seventeen-year-old Isabelle Standler, a disinherited, high-society orphan who is shipped off to Shay’s Ford, MO to be a kitchen servant by her ex-fiancé. There, she desperately searches for her true identity and discovers her new purpose.

Kim Vogel Sawyer, the author of My Heart Remembers had this to say about this project: "I’ve read the screenplay and am impressed with how it follows Isabelle’s story… I couldn’t be happier with the way the story was interpreted. To say I’m eager to see this show on the screen is an understatement!"

Real Bean Entertainment and Cocoon Productions, LLC have launched a crowd funding campaign with a website where anyone interested in helping bring clean, quality family entertainment to the big screen can donate. The website is at

These two film companies have a passion for clean, quality films that portray hope, courage, love, and family. They want to see more films that bring people together and that families can watch together.

Filming is anticipated to start in the second half of 2022.

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