Connect App by Stars On Board Kickstarted Operations in the United States

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Connect, by Stars On Board Technologies, announced exciting news to the public today. The company launched its official app in Turkey on the 28th of August 2021. This event attracted many celebrities and influencers from the Arabic world. The event was held in one of the luxuries resorts in the city of Antalya, Turkey. For three days and four nights both audience and celebrities with fun beach activities by the day and concerts by the nights to celebrate the release of the app.

Connect is already getting the support of large community of celebrities who are endorsing and promoting "Connect App," among them is the Bollywood legendary Sanjay Dutt, and a group of A-List celebrities like: Najwa Karam, Nancy Ajram, Ragheb Alame, and Kosai Khauli. But also, the app is popular among talents and influencers from various countries.

Connect App is an on-Demand social monetization platform company based in Los Angeles, California. It’s an app to enable users and fans to connect, engage and communicate with the world’s best talents and celebrities of all kinds. Connect; it’s an opportunity with endless earnings for everyone on the platform.

"Our company enjoys strong board of advisors and commitments from celebrities and influencers in Hollywood, Bollywood and Middle East," said Ray Fares, Founder and CEO.

Currently the company is raising funds via equity regulated crowdfunding platform StartEngine in the US. Connect App currently valued at $33M and started the regulated crowdfunding this month. To invest; please visit:

"Connect is a US technology startup, with a promising business model and interesting niche market growing rapidly with high margins. Connect App is a new era in engagement between Brands, Celebrities and the Community. Everyone on Connect wins, promotors reach strong and real engagements with the community due to the rewards concept. Brands can easily reach out to celebrities and influencers using promotions capabilities and users and fans for the first time get rewarded for being on Connect and Connected with Brands and Celebrities," said Youssef Harb, Co-founder and President.

Users and fans can use Connect App to watch live events exclusively hosted on the platform, earn rewards for connecting with brands and at same time get in personal engagement with celebrities from all over the world. One of the key features of Connect, is content subscriptions, which enable users and fans to get exclusive view of never-seen before contents hosted by large community of celebrities and influencers available only on Connect. This is a great opportunity to watch, learn and engage with your favorite content creators. But that’s not all, we do have the best plastic surgeons so in case you have questions you can still contact the best for an advice.

Influencers and talents are encouraged to download the app via to start earning and building communities. We welcome all kinds of influencers to engage and get connected with their vast social presence anytime, anywhere and start earning using the OnDemand services.

Contact: Maya Perez, Office, +1 (310) 975-7133,

Twitter @starsonboardapp, Instagram @connect.starsonboard

SOURCE Stars On Board