CITVC Chinese COVID-19 TV Drama Airs on Sky TV in the UK as Well as on Global Platforms

BEIJING, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center/TV – Program Marketing Department of CITVC (China International TV Corporation), announced the first Chinese COVID-19 focused TV drama Heroes in Harm’s Way aired on Sky TV UK’s channel 192, debuting on September 28.

Produced by China Media Group, parent company of CITVC, Heroes in Harm’s Way drew a huge domestic public response* since its Primetime premiere on China Central Television 1 (CCTV-1). Within one week after its first release on September 17, CITVC launched the English version of the TV drama, now on Sky TV. The program received a wide response and public attention since it was broadcast domestically. According to statistics from Maoyan Pro and DataWin Film & Television, Heroes in Harm’s Way rose to be the top trending TV drama in China, surpassing all other current TV and online dramas.

To-date, Heroes in Harm’s Way launched on several media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, OnDemandChina & iTalkBB (North America) and TV2Z (Netherlands). It is set for release in Italy, Argentina, El Salvador, South Africa, Russia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal and more countries. In addition to the English version, Heroes in Harm’s Way is also available in multiple languages including Serbian, Russian, Japanese, Cambodian, Nepali, Indonesian, etc.

Heroes in Harm’s Way features ordinary people who help fight COVID-19 during the outbreak in China, telling the extraordinary stories of people sacrificing themselves for the greater good in the face of an epidemic crisis. The domestic release received a very warm welcome and attracted the attention of a variety of audiences, getting a majority of optimistic feedback,” said CITVC’s Danxiang Cai, Director of Overseas Business, China Radio, Film & Television Programs Exchanging Center.

* As of September 27, the viewing number of relevant Weibo topics of the TV series exceeds 8.0 billion, hitting Weibo’s trending list 17 times, while the hashtag #HeroesInHarmsWay was viewed by 2.9 billion Weibo users. On Douyin (TikTok), the program remained on the trending list for three consecutive days topping the list. A single relevant video clip on Douyin generates viewings as high as 15 million, with the number of Likes at 480,000, making Heroes in Harm’s Way the most discussed CCTV TV series on social media in recent years.

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