Cherie’s London Exhibition Concludes with a Flourish as Company Successfully Enters European Market

SINGAPORE, Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cherie gallery from TreasureGate Pte Ltd (Singapore) is globally recognized as a cutting-edge gallery that offers NFT and traditional art. It recently finished its exhibition in London with a flourish, successfully entering the European market. Notably, Cherie sold NFT artwork for a whopping total of $200,000 on August 17, 2021, at its London exhibition located at 175 Robert Dashwood Way. The company’s aim is to craft an inclusive worldwide art gallery that content creators can highly benefit from.

However, the Cherie London exhibition was not the gallery’s first success. On July 22, 2021, Cherie held an exhibition in New York City that combined contemporary and traditional art, debuting a modern artwork gallery complete with lively music, fashion, models, and a catwalk.

Furthermore, Cherie is backed by the AR7 tech team from TreasureGate Pte Ltd (Singapore), a blockchain tech start-up company that has concentrated its efforts on fostering and furthering the art industry at large. Cherie extends unique opportunities to artists from around the world by utilizing NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. These digital assets are used as individual identifiers for physical assets on a blockchain, paving the way for authenticated ownership and security among content creators and buyers alike.

With this cutting-edge development in technology applied to the art industry, Cherie Gallery has been able to partner with a myriad of industries, companies, and individuals. In addition, this contemporary art gallery collaborates with the following licensed content creators to sell secured NFT artwork:

1. Chiba Shinichi – Chiba Shinichi is globally known as Sonny Chiba. He is a famous martial artist and Japanese actor with a creative flair.

2. Kitahara Teruhisa – Kitahara Teruhisa is also called the "Father of Toy." This is due to the fact that he has founded the largest toy museum in the world, called Kitahara Museum. He points to the fact that he receives immense inspiration from Hollywood animation movies.

3. Buster and Glen – Buster and Glen is a pseudonym for the famous NFT artist, whose true identity remains unknown. He is located in the United States and has cited his primary source of inspiration as Japanese classic animations. The Japanese classic animations that Buster and Glen finds himself particularly inspired by include Astro Boy, Galaxy Express 999, Ultraman, and more. 

4. Inoue Bunta – Inoue Bunta is a Japanese-style painter with a wide range of art types. For example, he designs spatial art, tattoos, character design, and Japanese oil paintings.

With Cherie’s NFT artwork marketplace making waves across the world, more events will soon launch. In addition, content creators and artists who wish to join this global venture are encouraged to contact and sign up with Cherie Gallery, where they can trade in a unique way that is secure and tamper-proof.

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SOURCE TreasureGate Pte Ltd