Chef Eduardo Garcia Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Culinary Host on Big Sky Kitchen

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Magnolia Network’s Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy┬« Award. The popular cooking show chronicles Chef Eduardo Garcia’s journey growing Montana Mex, his food celebration company in the James Beard Award-winning chef’s home state of Montana – Big Sky country. The show brings viewers into Chef Garcia’s adventures through his relationship to the producers, ingredients and tools of his craft. A far cry from the angry chef stereotype, Garcia’s playfulness and curiosity as he expands cooking beyond the boundaries of the kitchen disarms the most hesitant. His attention to detail and careful style of teaching invites the elementary home cook and polished gastronome all at once to join him in the kitchen. With a resounding love and respect of nature, Big Sky Kitchen offers a manifesto piece to the seasoned Chef’s passion in cooking and self-proclaimed purpose of uniting people globally through how and what we eat.

Garcia’s joyous exuberance, adventurous wild foraging and relatable home style dishes have made it a must-watch cooking show and educational experience, highlighted by his personal story of losing his left hand and forearm and relearning to cook. The trauma punctuated his existing belief in food as a transformative and powerful part of our human spirit and psychology. This “reset” forced a focus on his passion to nurture others through food and this belief that a shared meal is the ultimate building block of community and an evergreen recipe for creating connection to oneself, each other and the planet.

“Food is my passion. I want to bring people into the kitchen with me. The joy of nurturing those around me with food has been my north star, and I celebrate that every day.”

Chef Eduardo’s inspiring story of perseverance and learning to cook again with a prosthetic hook is a prime example of how passion can propel the human spirit. This spark brings a humble fire into his story forward classes.

In his own words, “Please join me in the kitchen for a live and interactive cooking class. All are welcome at my table in this digital cook-along series I call The Hungry Life HERE.”

The 51st Annual Daytime Emmy┬« Awards will be broadcast on Saturday 8th June 9pm EST/ 6pm PST via the Emmys app at All episodes of Magnolia Network’s Big Sky Kitchen with Eduardo Garcia can be streamed on discovery+ and Max.   

SOURCE Chef Eduardo Garcia