Charlie Bee Company TV Series Premieres Jan 8 on Austin PBS

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Texas airwaves will be buzzing this January when the all new reality television series, Charlie Bee Company, makes its US broadcast premiere on Austin PBS, KLRU-TV.

The (8) hour-long episodes from iniosante studios put viewers in a front row seat working with our planet’s most important pollinator. Led by a wild beekeeper on a mission, Charlie Agar saves bees and sweetens teas, all across the Texas Hill Country.

"People are just now beginning to understand how important bees are to the ecosystem and I’m so excited to share my love for all things bees and beekeeping," Agar said. "We had an absolute blast making this show."

The genesis of the series was a 2017 meeting between Agar and Ashley Scott Davison of iniosante. A veteran filmmaker with wildlife documentary credits from networks like National Geographic, Davison was looking for subjects closer to home and Agar, with his scrappy Texas beekeeping and bee removal operation, fit the bill.

"The first time we followed Charlie on one of his bee removals, I got stung more than 20 times," said Davison. "I was literally pulling stingers out of my leg – I knew right there we had a show that people would be glued to."

Unbeknownst to most people, is that all honeybees in Texas are Africanized to some extent. These feral bee hives can often be dangerous, and even deadly. Davison and his film crew braved "hot bees" (the term of angry, highly aggressive bees) and hot Texas weather (often times over 100 degrees) – and repeatedly getting stung – tracking Agar on adventures for more than a year to produce their eight-episode, hour-long TV series. The show includes interviews with university researchers, going behind the scenes with commercial beekeeping operations, and even into the sweltering aftermath of a gulf coast hurricane to save a bee hive in trouble.

"What we like about the show is that it’s educational and there is a message about protecting pollinators, but it’s also just downright fun and entertaining," said David Lauderman, director of programming at Austin PBS, KLRU-TV.

Beginning January 8, 2022 on Austin PBS, KLRU-TV, Charlie Bee Company will be airing Saturdays at 4:30 PM, with encore presentations on Sundays at 2:00 PM. In the Spring of 2022, following its Austin debut, Charlie Bee Company will be airing nationwide on PBS through American Public Television.

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