Chaos Audio Sends First Guitar Pedal to Space

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla., Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chaos Audio has accomplished something no other guitar product company has done before: they’ve launched the first guitar pedal into space. The high-tech guitar company, which will be launching their flagship product— Stratus —on December 9th, decided to celebrate by sending it to the stratosphere.

Stratus —an innovative and super-smart guitar pedal—was sent to space aboard a giant weather balloon. A GoPro mounted to the payload captured video of the entire voyage.

After traveling over 150 miles from Panama City Beach, Fla., to somewhere over Georgia, the guitar pedal reached a height of 108,394 feet above sea level. At its maximum altitude, the weather balloon popped. “We honestly didn’t know if we’d get it back,” said CEO of Chaos Audio, Landon McCoy.

After several tense minutes of free fall, Stratus would parachute back to Earth and find itself tangled in the branches of a large tree in Quitman, Ga. Fortunately for the Chaos Audio team, the payload was hanging at chest height and was easily retrieved. The video of the launch, flight, and retrieval can be seen here:

And that guitar pedal? It’ll be given away to one lucky winner on December 9th.

“This is Stratus’ launch… ” explains McCoy, ” but we’re really launching an ecosystem. “Stratus is a pedal, an app and a digital pedal store, all-in-one. It allows you to download new effects with a tap and dial in your tone in seconds. The multi-effects platform will ship with 24 boutique quality digital effects, with more to be added regularly.”

“It’s truly out of this world technology.” said McCoy. “The groundbreaking hardware is simple and elegant in design, and more complex than you might imagine.” Stratus comes with an app that features an intuitive interface that guitarists find both familiar and sophisticated, leading to an experience that feels like magic, so they can have more fun. Additionally, utilizing software updates and wireless connectivity, musicians will gain access to new features as they are developed.

According to McCoy, the guitar pedal is unlike anything else on the market, and the Chaos Audio team knew this project was a wildly unique and fun way to release their product.

Viewers of the video will experience serene shots of the Gulf of Mexico, the deep inky blackness of space, and an exhilarating free fall back to earth. With a stroke of dumb luck, the team serendipitously captured SpaceX ‘ s first Falcon Heavy Launch in over three years.

You can check out the video, enter to win The First Guitar Pedal in Space, and join the Launch Party at .

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