Celebrating Artistic Growth and Community at Art House San Clemente

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Art House San Clemente stands at the intersection of creativity and community, bringing to life a vision far beyond the conventional artist residency. The next chapter in its story is beginning, as it welcomes a diverse group of over 20 artists into the heart of San Clemente’s bustling arts scene.

Art House is a paradise for artists seeking not only space but inspiration, support, and a sense of belonging. Its approach to nurturing creativity is holistic, recognizing that the well-being of an artist is intricately tied to the potency of their work. This philosophy has shaped the residency program into a haven for painters, sculptors, photographers, writers and more who are eager to push the boundaries of their craft.

Jim McCauley, the founder and driving force behind Art House, reflects on this journey: “From day one, my dream was to create a sanctuary where artists could fully immerse themselves in their work, supported by a community that believes in the transformative power of art. Witnessing the evolution of over 20 artists within these walls has been one of my proudest moments.”

Art House San Clemente runs on the principles of collaboration, innovation, and diversity. It’s a place where ideas bounce off the walls, where the air is thick with the spirit of invention, and where every artist’s voice is amplified. Its tailored support, including studio spaces, exhibitions, and connections, empowers artists to explore new dimensions of their work and to engage with the world in meaningful ways.

Looking forward, Art House San Clemente is more committed than ever to deepening its impact on the artistic landscape. With a growing community of artists and supporters, the possibilities are boundless.

Discover more about how Art House San Clemente is redefining the artist residency experience and how you can be a part of the story by visiting www.arthousesc.org. Media Contact: Chaya Cohen Tamir, 9177536928,

About Art House San Clemente:

Art House San Clemente is a thriving artist residency program in the heart of San Clemente, dedicated to fostering creativity, community, and cultural exchange. Through its residency program, Art House San Clemente provides artists with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to pursue their artistic endeavors and make meaningful contributions to the arts community.

SOURCE Art House San Clemente