Celebrate the 12 Days of Dripcember with Daily Themes, Exclusive Events, and Amazing Creators

Join the Festivities with Live Shopping Events on Drip Shop Live

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This Dripcember, Drip Shop Live invites collectors and enthusiasts to the much-anticipated 12 Days of Dripcember. This unique live shopping event, tailored for the collectibles community, features daily themes, exclusive promotions, and a lineup of some of the most influential creators like Unlisted Leaf, Chumlee, and King Gary in the collectibles space. Each day features live streams brimming with unique collectibles and vibrant personalities.

Daily Themes and Exclusive Events:

Dripcember is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the collectibles community. Every day in December, participants can enjoy a different theme, ranging from free shipping offers to special promo codes and exclusive events like Drops, Mystery Bags and more. Our streamers will provide an immersive and interactive experience. Stay tuned daily at Dripcember Event Link.

Star-Studded Lineup:
The 12 Days of Dripcember features a roster of renowned creators, each bringing their unique flair to the event:

  • 12/14: Danny Phantump’s Phanny Packs giveaway, and TCGNation’s Flash Fire Box Break.
  • 12/15: Danarion and XP Collect’s Pokemon Pack Giveaways!
  • 12/16: Alex Ketchum’s Disney 100 giveaway.
  • 12/17: King Gary’s charity box break and Pokeperk’s Best of XY Japanese Box Break.
  • 12/18: Skittles Rampage’s Funko Pop Giveaway and Slayer Funko Auction.
  • 12/19: Chumlee explores Plasma Freeze & Lorcana, followed by Fera.
  • 12/20: Dr. Apple Sauce’s Shining Legends Retail Mania and TD Trading’s impressive auctions.
  • 12/21: Unlisted Leaf’s Pokemon Extravaganza Giveaway and Hydropump’s Rip and Ships.
  • 12/22: Stone’s 10K Gym Challenge Box Break, Twisted Bane, and Royale Rips’ amazing offer.
  • 12/23: Lord Rush’s unique collectibles.
  • 12/24: Grand finale with King Luke giving away Brothers War Collector Packs and Mana Mart’s Magic Mania.

Join the Celebration:
Be part of a community that revels in the joy of collectibles. Follow us on social media, sign up for email notifications, and RSVP to live streams to not miss a moment. Join us at Drip Shop Live Event.

About Us:
Drip Shop Live is at the forefront of the collectibles marketplace, revolutionizing it through live streaming. Our platform is built on real-time engagement, authenticity, and fostering community connections, making it the ultimate hub for tech-savvy collectors. With our AI-powered live & social commerce tools, Drip Shop Live is dedicated to creating economic opportunities and acting as an “on-ramp to the American dream” for creator-sellers and brands. 

For more information about the 12 Days of Dripcember, please contact:

Dria Waldroup


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