Celebrate National Custodian Day on October 2 with Actress and Model Ivy Smith Because the Pandemic Would Be Far Worse Without Cleaners

WASHINGTON, Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If a CEO took six months off, no one would care, but if a cleaner took just two days off, everyone would be affected.

Who really has the more important job?

"Cleaning is a necessary and underappreciated job that nobody wants to do," said actress and model Ivy Smith. "We should be honoring cleaners and custodians instead of treating them like servants as some people do. Join me to thank them during National Custodian Day on October 2."

The government did not classify their jobs an essential service until well into the COVID-19 pandemic last year. The role these people perform is crucial in protecting us from diseases, especially today.

They can easily become infected because they are constantly cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, restaurants, hospitals and other facilities surfaces to keep people safe. There is teacher and nurse appreciation week, but no one recognizes custodians and cleaners.

"We just take cleanliness and the people who perform that important function for granted. Most people do not give it a second thought, thinking a clean building somehow magically happens," she said.

But it does not.

Someone must perform the hard, thankless job that mostly pays extraordinarily little. Smith understands how cleaners are treated firsthand.

She manages Maid to Serve and cleans businesses with a small staff to pay the bills between acting and modeling jobs. She always makes a point of thanking customers but wonders why cleaners rarely get thanked. Some clients can also be difficult.

One client expected her team to clean an oven with a toothbrush for free. Many clients also expect Smith and her team to deep clean a five-bedroom house that is well over 3,000 square feet for $200.

"That’s ridiculous. So, I decided to only do commercial cleaning and move outs only," said Smith.

Smith also must continuously remind clients to pay. Smith feels other vendors receive their payments immediately and the janitorial invoice gets put on the back burner.

Even then she still runs into clients who expect lower cleaning rates with a great deal of labor. They do not seem to understand there is an abundance of overhead, which does not leave enough money left over for cleaning staff.

"Sometimes cleaning is so much work for someone who is not making much money. I feel there are some people who just do not care about the livelihoods of cleaners or custodians and that has to change," she said.

During the pandemic, Smith heard that some COVID patients were running out of cleaning supplies, so she sent them a care package of toiletries and disinfectants from her company.

"In addition, many people think actors and models are super rich, but most of us aren’t. I have to wait up to three months to get paid, so I have to walk dogs and clean just to make ends meet," said Smith.

After enduring a life-changing serious stroke, Smith decided to fulfill her lifelong passion and became a professional actress and model in 2014. She also is a role model for those like herself dealing with psoriasis and has been featured in Glamour, Self, Allure and WebMD.

"My employees and contractors sometimes do not know what I go through," said Smith.

Smith’s career is definitely on the rise with the recent release of Night of the Sicario on Amazon Prime, where she played a DEA agent. She also played Bina on Love.Com and has appeared in several commercials and print ads. 

Smith also loves doing stunt work and one day, she hopes to play a villain or spy. Ivy Smith’s portfolio can be seen at her website.

"On October 2, please do not forget to recognize National Custodian Day and all the hard work and tireless efforts they do for us every day keeping our buildings clean and safe," said Smith.

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