Carl Bistrack Proves Dogs Can Dance

Learned the hard way when testing a new camera

The art world said: Not Seen Anything Like This Before

LELAND, N.C., Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Carl Bistrack was testing his fourth camera in two years at a local dog park. Three cameras already failed. Dogs can run quickly from one place to another, but the camera’s focus systems were not be able to keep up with the camera speed needed to cover the playful running dogs. Some cameras’ continuous shots-per-second were either ok or slow, but inconsistent. Finally, #4 made it. It was the Canon SX70HS The new camera met a consistent standard overall. He took hundreds of photographs of dogs running, playing with each other. It was a combination of many dog breeds, sizes, and surprising fun reactions to one another. Following the playfulness of one dog, or a pack can be a visual & physical exercise also. This camera succeeded at focusing quickly on the run at a fast shutter speed. He continued taking photos over a five-month period. The question was, what can you do with the hundreds of dog photos?

Walking in Greenfield Lake Park, he saw the answer! A woman was dancing with her dog. Both evidently enjoying it. They were dancing in the garden’s Pagoda. It suddenly made sense as a dogs’ gathering place. How else to show dogs having fun together except dancing under the roof of the Pagoda.

Carl Bistrack uses a combination of digital photos, many separate images put together into one composite image. He found the best running and jumping positions. Then combined them in pairs to show the dogs dancing with their partners. In this way he created his digital art and photos – Artography.

The completed photo/art, piece “Jitterbug Dog Dance” ® Carl Bistrack, was recently made available on his website in several sizes on stretched canvas ready to hang – 16×20″ Other sized made available

You can also add your own dog to the dance with your pet photo.

Does your pet store carry Jitterbug Dog Dance?

Carl Bistrack

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