Capturing the Beauty of an Artist’s Journey in Each Reflection – ‘Mirrors Decorated’ Offers Handcrafted, Sustainable Mirror Art to Online-Public for First Time

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mirrors Decorated announced its official online launch, offering unique, papier-mache mirror sculptures from artist Tuesday Winslow. A Washington native, Winslow uses the traditional art of papier-mache to infuse new life into wooden-framed looking glasses, creating colorful, whimsical sculptures. Winslow first began sculpting in the 1990s, crafting works she sold to friends and clients before moving the enterprise online. She has been reviewed by Artsy Shark founder, Carolyn Edland, and will be available to chat with clients as a virtual vendor in the upcoming "God’s Glamourous Girls 2021 Virtual Conference" from September 28–30.

An Interview With the Artist: Tuesday Winslow

Can you speak about your art and the creative process? What does it mean to you?

"My passion for paper began with my father, before I was in my mother’s womb. It isn’t a happy story, but the life of an artist is often hard. The wonder of art, and God’s love, is that they can redeem anything. When I was a child, men’s dress shirts were dry-cleaned, before being folded and boxed. They were also packaged with recycled paper. So the medium for my work became one of the first toys I played with. I fell in love with the touch of paper, the smell, the endless folds and possibilities of it. My father never supported my art though, and he told me I’d never make it as an artist."

"As it happens, recycled paper and the symbolic process of recycling are intertwined, becoming an intimate theme in my life. From being discarded and disregarded emotionally, to being redeemed by a Savior who has served as both a mother and father to me, I have been Remade into something new. Just as I take old mirrors and transform them into something functionally new and beautiful, so too can a life be reshaped."

"Papier-mache became a canvas for me – a culmination of my experience – presenting all the asked and unasked questions I’ve had about existence. While exploring the possibilities and challenges of creating art out of discarded paper, I learned the value of doing more with less. When I first started, I was rich with creativity but cash poor. In retrospect, I realize this might apply to most of us: we have an inexhaustible supply of creativity just waiting to be discovered. Or rediscovered. Art makes you realize that what you need is already available to you: spiritually, in your soul. And that can feed you physically too."

"I absolutely want to emphasize that Remaking is a process. You discover how to unlearn what others – family, friends, and the world – have deposited in your soul. Things that do not line up with the plans that God has for us. I accept the choices I have made – good, bad, and indifferent. It’s all part of my story and nothing has gone to waste. Each mirror reflects back to me the journey that I have taken as an artist and as a woman of faith. It is a useful beauty – and like my life, a utilitarian artwork."

To view Tuesday’s latest creations, or to learn more about her art, follow Mirrors Decorated on social media: Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. And for a chance to speak with Tuesday in person, register online for the upcoming God’s Glamourous Girls – a three-day spiritual conference that explores faith, family, and friendships.

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