CanvasChamp Introduces Canvas Lite, the World's Thinnest Canvas Wrap

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CanvasChamp, the leading supplier of custom canvas prints, is excited to introduce a new product called "Canvas Lite" which is the thinnest canvas wrap in the world.

The thin wrap 0.5 wooden frame is revolutionary because it cuts away all the excess weight of typical canvas prints, leaving the canvas feeling lighter than air. By using Canvas Lite, you can create thin wrapped canvases of any size of your choice without having to deal with heavy and bulky frames.

Canvas Lite offers all the regular design customizations as other canvas print options on CanvasChamp. Same as before, customers can upload the photos of their choice and select the specifications to suit their needs. The photos will continue to be printed on top museum grade canvas.

Some extraordinary benefits of a thin wrapped canvas picture include being the most environmentally friendly approach to canvas art, as less wood is required to create the sturdy frames, it saves space as the support frames are slim enough that the canvas lays flatter on walls and its transportability due to its lightweight. This innovative new way to create canvas prints will be an exciting milestone for artists who want their art to look sleek and modern.

CanvasChamp’s skilled artisans have years of experience in handcrafting canvas prints for customers’ personal use and corporate entities. We are confident that customers will continue to receive the best quality canvas prints as always. We are proud of our excellent reputation and eagerness to make sure our customers are satisfied with their products.

We believe that thin gallery wrap canvas prints are the future of canvas prints and this is only the beginning for CanvasChamp.

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