Canadian Music Producer Provides YouTube Educational Videos on How to Make Music

MONTREAL, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — People and YouTubers from Canada and the US who are interested in music production and editing software can now check out Canadian Singer Machi’s YouTube channel that encourages and teaches people how to make music on their own right from creating music to releasing an album.

Machi, who has been producing music since 2013, recently announced the launch of her YouTube channel that has been chalking up hundreds of views because of her own brand of Machi Music. The channel will also serve to showcase the versatility of the singer cum music producer, which is an added advantage of the entire development. Machi’s music has always been popular for its multi-genre variety including the artiste’s ability to create music packed with emotion, an art that few singers can do well. 

Machi’s YouTube channel features educational videos that teach and motivate how people can make good music and produce it as well. Besides her YouTube venture, Machi has also announced she released a Trance album called “Sleeping Well” and intends to release a physical album every year. Machi’s Music might be great, but it is thousands of aspiring artists who follow Machi for her video content that teaches how to use editing software, music production and how to release an album.

Machi is a multi-genre music producer and songwriter who started her career back in January 2013, producing music under the name “Machi.” She used to produce music for other artists and has been focusing on her YouTube Channel more. Machi was mentored by John Oszajca and played on internet radios from 2014 to 2018. Today she says her YouTube channel is for educational purposes only and does not make money of it. Speaking about her venture she says:

“It took me so long to figure everything out. Making your first album from scratch is a challenge and there are no online resources to help you with this. Offering my experience for free would definitely help a lot of people.”

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