Canadian Music Producer Machi Reaches Out to Aspiring Producers on Twitter

MONTREAL, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marilou Audrey Burnel, popularly known as Machi, is not slowing down in the pursuit of helping to create good music as the Canadian music producer recently reached out to aspiring producers across the globe via Twitter. The move follows the initiative by Machi to start an educational YouTube channel on music production in 2020, to offer free learning resources to persons interested in starting a career as a music maker.

"The idea is to show artists support in the third year of the pandemic, they can feel discouraged and give up. That’s why I try to reach out and encourage them," said Marilou Audrey Burnel.

Music has been popularly described as a universal language and Marilou Audrey Burnel has undoubtedly shown her mastery of creating songs that anyone, irrespective of their location across the globe can understand and relate to. The versatile entertainer has captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide as a composer, songwriter, and music producer. Consequently, she is looking to share her wealth of knowledge with as many people as possible as evident in the launch of her educational YouTube channel and outreach on Twitter.

Marilou Audrey Burnel began the New Year by using her Twitter handle @_machimusic to support producers by stirring up conversations around creating music. The launch of the initiative is particularly timely, in a period where the world needs all the possible encouragement amidst uncertainties due to the pandemic.

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About Marilou Audrey Burnel
Marilou Audrey Burnel, known as Machi, is a Canadian electronic dance music producer, songwriter, and composer. Machi released her first project as a solo act in 2013, titled "La Princesse de Larmes" followed by: "The Other Half" and "No Destiny," released under the label Believe. Machi’s music is melodic, energetic, and aims to blow away the listener with the magic texture of her tracks.

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