By Reaching for the Stars, Bring My Song to Life Takes Music-as-a-Gift Service to New Level

HOUSTON, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We’ve all been there. A big anniversary is coming up. Or maybe a wedding or a birthday. Perhaps it’s just time to show appreciation for someone special in a thoughtful, unique way. But how? After exploring their options and doing their research, more and more people are coming to a great decision. They give a gift that will provide a lasting and cherished memory – a customized song, with lyrics based on details most significant to them and the person who means so much to them.

Bring My Song to Life ( has been making this dream come true for thousands of people across the globe. And now, this company of topnotch professional musicians, producers and songwriters has taken things to the next level.

Bring My Song to Life allows people to hire their favorite celebrity singer to record a personal song for themselves or a loved one’s special occasion. They get a fully professional song, with their own personal message, performed by the celebrity artist of their choice – selected from a list of success stories whose talents have been showcased in movies, television shows and radio programs, as well as fast-rising Internet sensations. Who wouldn’t want to have their song performed by a singer worthy of appearances on America’s Got Talent (Eva Clair and Kechi Okwuchi), American Idol (Anilee List) and The Howard Stern Show (Adam Barta)? Also on the roster is rock singer Michael Star, who made seven full-length albums with Steel Panther, and James Maslow, who has sold millions of records and is known for starring in the hit TV series Big Time Rush, just to name a few.

"To the best of my knowledge, Bring My Song to Life is the first music-as-a-gift service that lets clients hire their favorite artist," says CEO Mylène Besançon. "We can already offer some familiar and sought-after names, and we’re committed to bringing more sure-to-please artists on board to truly make Bring My Song to Life a unique and meaningful service to our clients."

Think of Bring My Song to Life’s new service in the context of Cameo, which offers clients personalized videos of celebrities. Hiring a well-known performer through Cameo to produce a brief message is almost as expensive as hiring that same celebrity through Bring My Song to Life. But Bring My Song to Life ups the game because the end result is an entire song, complete with lyrics and melody composed by the team’s roster of professionals.   

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