Boxing and Urban Celebrities Meet to Fight for A Right Cause

ORLANDO, Fla., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — URBAN CELEBRITY BOXING LEAGUE (UCBL), founded by Ray Santiago, has been hosting these “dream matches” with professional boxers, artists and influencers since 2018. These celebrity matches are not being held just for fun or “likes” the purpose behind these boxing matches is to support the House Of Hits Baseball and Boxing Foundation. Helping kids at risk to achieve success in sports, school and college. The foundation promotes the same view of UCBL of “trading guns for gloves” and encourages the stop of violence.

UCBL and House Of Hits Baseball and Boxing Foundation has helped many Floridian kids go thru college and stay focused when they would have otherwise fallen victim to the streets.

“Gloves up guns down” is the slogan that helps these kids fight another day! Teach our youth that guns and violence is not the answer. We have donated over $15,000 this year to Azalea Park little leagues to revamp the fields. We are donating a mural for Roberto Clemente Middle School, that will be on their wall forever at the school where I went to as a youth.” said Ray Santiago.

Mr. Santiago was featured in one of UCBL past events when he fought against Hector Macho Camacho Jr. URBAN CELEBRITY BOXING is preparing now their 3rd main event which is featuring two of the most famous and influencers from Puerto Rico and the Latin audience in USAGallo The Producer” and “Joshua Pauta“. This match will be held in Orlando, Fl on June 26th 2021 and like all UCBL events is sanctioned by the National Boxing Commission.

Previous UCBL events have had the likes of Floyd Mayweather Sr, Riddick Bowe, Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, Mickey Cruz, and have had 3-time champion Hector Camacho jr and 4-time world Champion Ronald Johnson as main events bouts.

*URBAN CELEBRITY BOXING LEAGUE features professional boxers, artists and influencers in “celebrity matches” to raise funds for a charity

* House Of Hits Baseball and Boxing Foundation is financed by UCBL and help kids achieve success in schools, sports and college.

*Next UCBL event features influencers” super stars” from Puerto RicoGallo The Producer” and “Joshua Pauta“.

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