Bold Brands Meet Their Perfect Match with a New Approach From Lola Red

Award-winning Creative PR Agency Introduces Next Brand Image 

MINNEAPOLIS, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lola Red, the creative PR agency known for strategic campaigns and bold brand work, today announces a new look that’s bound to be the talk of the town, well, at least the talk of their team. They are throwing out the playbook in pursuit of taking public relations into the next century through their work with industry-leading, industry-disrupting brands and a team of visionaries that amplify key messages, dominate headlines, and stop the scroll.

This is more than a new logo and look —it’s a reflection of their commitment to innovate, to boldly carve out unique spaces for clients, and to tackle challenges with creative solutions. It is about removing the unnecessary to focus on what truly matters: goals, values, and connection.

“We have been working on this rebrand for a long time, making sure that it feels authentic to the Lola Red everyone knows and loves while adding a freshness that is unexpectedly us,” expressed  Alexis Walsko, Lola Red’s Founder + CEO + Visionary. “With this iteration of our brand, we are ready to go where no PR agency has gone before, where no brand has gone before. It’s in our DNA.” 

What’s changed? The Lola Red team is glad you asked. The agency is bringing its legacy of helping brands, particularly in technology, franchise, food and beverage, and wellness, stand out from the crowd – or the flock. It is about stripping away the superfluous to zero in on what is truly essential. The process is rooted in deep curiosity, relentless pursuit of highlighting the best side of a brand, and building relationships that make clients’ days easier.

Fortune favors bold brands. If that is you and you are ready to leap into the evolving media + social + influencer landscape, it is time we meet.

Welcome to the new Lola Red. We’re glad you’re here.

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Lola Red is a creative PR agency for the digital age specializing in public and media relations, social media and influencer marketing. The agency has made a name for itself locally, nationally and internationally as a leader in wellness, food and beverage, franchise and technology strategic communications. Founder, CEO and Visionary Alexis Walsko leads her team and clients on rocket ship rides that are often expressed as “the best decision I’ve ever made” and “no one is a better partner in growth and smashing goals.” Lola Red stands apart from the crowd. Let’s get started at and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Tiffany Jackson