Blintn Strengthens Its User Base with Enhanced Search Function

SEOUL, South Korea, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blintn, Asia’s leading online B2B media rights marketplace, reported that it has added 50 more users with 4,000 hours of new content library over the last month of April. The company also commented that it recently has seen the speed of user base growth accelerate at an increasing rate.

The addition of content and user base also would help the marketplace strengthen the database for its signature search engine as well as enhance the accuracy of our curation service, said Blintn. 

Blintn boasts its featured searchable database of content where users can easily discover the availability of media rights for specific titles of desire or file general curation requests on the content of interest. 

With this month’s addition to the database with regards to both users and content, the company expects to improve its accuracy on the curation as well as increase in the number of search inputs on the website.

Peter Choe, CEO of Blintn, shared that "the search volume on the platform is increasing as the number of visitors continues to increase", adding that "this is a win-win situation for everyone including the platform’s system and the users alike, as the search and curation system is designed to evolve with the increase in number of searches and curation requests."

Choe concluded by saying that "Blintn will continue to expand our user base to provide more advanced services".

Blintn is an online B2B marketplace focused on media rights. From license to format, Blintn’s smart curation engine finds the best match for content sellers and buyers. Based in Korea, the United States, and China, Blintn provides all of the service tools necessary for rights trading to easily maximize the value of content.

It makes distribution and acquisition easier and more successful by providing auto-buyer target marketing, a searchable content database, personalized real-time curation, and a deal-making service. Blintn is committed to providing a fair and transparent global marketplace. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Leah Hong [Director]