Blintn Spots the New Insight on Asian Media Companies’ Distribution Trend

SEOUL, South Korea, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áBlintn, Asia’s leading B2B online media rights marketplace, shared its discovery on the rise of a new trend in content distribution within Asian region based on its exclusive platform data.

Blintn’s data observed on the 9th that Indian content is getting traction in South American countries and Chinese content in Middle East and African countries, a trend that was not commonly detected in previous years. Such observations also add dynamics to the long-perceived belief that Indian content is consumed largely in Southeast Asia or the United States, and Chinese content is primarily consumed in neighboring Asian countries.

Blintn attributes the increased accessibility to new content to the rise in such new trends.

As the buyers are enabled to search the content that they were not aware of its existence or become exposed to a curated list of new content, they are introduced to the new horizon of the content, creating a completely new demand.

Furthermore, the diversity of the content consumed within each country is also pointed out as one of the primary reasons for such new trends. As each streaming service has become to embrace greater diversity of ethnicity and taste from the wider range of viewers they are pressed to continuously acquire a variety of content in order to cater to the taste of viewers.

Peter Choe, the CEO of Blintn, commented that "the signature search function and curation service that Blintn boasts is encouraging a new ‘serendipitous discovery’ among new users, leading them to explore new content and culture around the world and create new content distribution trends." He concluded by adding that "Blintn expects to share more unexpected, up-to-date content trends around the world as it accumulates more of user analytics data."

Blintn is said to be preparing for a platform revamp to improve user experience and refine search and curation function.

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