Bitmagic Brings New Text-to-Game Platform to Steam Early Access, Announces Game-Changing Way to Create Animated 3D Objects from Prompt

Available via Bitmagic’s Discord Channel

HELSINKI, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Bitmagic has announced that its consumer-focused 3D games creation platform is coming to Steam Early Access, giving creators the chance to create fully playable games with just a single text prompt. The company is also sharing details of its exciting new feature that allows users to create animated 3D objects by just writing what they want created.

“We’re delighted to offer access to more creators and give them the chance to make the game they always dreamed of. We really do think this can change how the games industry functions, and truly democratise the process, and allow creators, who may not have technical or coding skills, to make rich 3D games, easily,” commented CEO, Jani Penttinen.

The platform is still in limited release, with access available via Discord or by contacting Bitmagic directly **. The current test version is a single player sandbox, but the open release in May will be on multiple platforms, including web browsers, and feature multiplayer gameplay.

“I’m also delighted to announce a ground-breaking new feature, that will give users the ability to create new 3D objects and characters via text prompt. Within seconds, they will see high quality, detailed and fully animated objects come to life in the game they just created. This level of creation has never been possible before!” added Jani.

Bitmagic brings game creation to anyone, whatever language they speak, wherever they are. All the creators need to do, to build their dream game, is type in what they want to create… no design skills, no coding or technical knowledge required. It’s really that simple.

Games can then be further fine-tuned through further text prompts or shared with other users. The Bitmagic engine creates the game concept, builds the background story and creates an immersive 3D world around the story. The games are fully playable with beautiful graphics and carefully tuned gameplay.

The company has also launched an exciting new trailer today, to further demonstrate just what’s possible with this platform.

About Bitmagic
Bitmagic is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. It is owned by its founders and early-stage investors. The team behind Bitmagic has been building games and game engines for the past 30 years. The Bitmagic platform is currently available for Windows and Steam Early Access as a single-player experience. It will be available on more platforms and with multiplayer gameplay in May.

Admin notes

  • CEO, Jani Penttinen will be available on Friday, March 15, 2024, for live demos, at the Finnish Games Industry Showcase at the Consul General of Finland’s Residence in Los Angeles from 6pm local time.
  • **Press and qualified streamers can gain access to Bitmagic by emailing

Press Contact – 408-499-1321–

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