BitChute Unveils New Video Series: “WTF is Going On?” – A Deep Dive into Unraveling Media Narratives

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BitChute, the foremost alternative video hosting platform dedicated to free speech and viewpoint neutrality, is thrilled to announce the launch of its provocative new video series, “WTF is Going On?”. This series is a compelling, evenhanded exploration of the truth behind the narrative-ridden headlines dominating our media landscape, particularly focusing on contentious and emotionally charged topics that have been extensively covered in the media, often with the intention of evoking outrage.

The first episode, directed and narrated by the acclaimed Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir, marks the series’ debut. Titled “WTF is Going On: Israel – Babies of Truth,” the short film is a deep dive into a story which captivated global attention and stirred a whirlwind of emotions: media reports of child beheadings perpetrated by Hamas during the group’s October 7, 2023 attack on Israel. Shamir takes us along with him on his quest for the truth, starting with footage of the initial harrowing account of at least 40 infant and toddler deaths at Kfar Aza, with some of these having children been decapitated. From there the allegations were repeated by numerous outlets, until even President Biden was prompted to express his own outrage. An outpouring of support for Israel ensued, with the gruesome image of beheaded babies becoming a rallying cry which reverberated across the globe.

Soon Hamas issued a statement denying the beheadings and calling for evidence. The competing claims sparked fervent debate on social media as well as real-life protests, further dividing public opinion. As sentiment began to shift towards questioning the veracity of Israel’s claims, video evidence of the October 7 massacre was released, taken from both Hamas-member bodycams and CCTV footage. Some investigative journalists also began uncovering inconsistencies in the account behind the baby-beheading narrative.

“WTF is Going On?” is not driven by political agendas. Instead, it is a profound journey of truth-seeking, encouraging viewers to critically analyze the narratives presented to them and to not take them at face value. The series will feature accomplished filmmakers, commentators, and journalists exploring a wide range of topics that have been similarly rife with controversy, including: the Russia-Ukraine War, the truth behind the Covid Vaccine, January 6, and warrantless surveillance.

With “WTF is Going On?”, BitChute reaffirms its commitment to open dialogue and free expression, and the importance of a censorship-free platform where thought-provoking content can challenge conventional wisdom and inspire critical thinking. Viewers can watch the series on the BitChute channel here.

About BitChute:
BitChute is a video service provider which puts creators first, and facilitates and advances, to the maximum extent possible, our users’ exercise of their fundamental rights. Founded in 2017 by Ray Vahey and Rich Jones, BitChute has remained committed to fighting hate through debate, rather than resorting to algorithmic manipulation or censorship.