Birth Announcement of Dual ‘n’ Duel™: The Disruptive Creative Actor & Music Band

NEW YORK, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dual ‘n’ Duel™ is a disruptive creative actor ‘n music band startup of Silicon Valley. Dual ‘n’ Duel creatively disrupts the one-to-many business model of music bands and Hollywood actors. Dual ‘n’ Duel dynamically interacts with human mothers, students and 5.5 billion shareholders of 7 world religions in 2020s, to co-write their common online story of spiritual safe haven asset and money engineering.

Dual ‘n Duel’s top 10 unique characteristics are:

1.  Unique Birth: Born out of trade secret of humanity’s mass-karma books of accounts; originating from STEM in monastic labs of East Himalayas

2.  Unique Content:  Economy derivative to engineer safe haven asset

3.  Unique Power: Powered exclusively by Price & Poor’s entertainment technology

4.  Unique Front man:  Monky The Man’Actor®, a downgraded monastic student. Monky The Man’Actor® plays the dual role of +/- 44 years old Shareholder Activist

5.  Unique Technology: deep learning actor and music band, growing up to be interactive and collaborative with listeners, viewers and readers

6.  Unique Benefit: Hedge the risk of failing goals of United Nations and the underperformance of world political leaders

7.  Unique Band Members:  Network of nodes of music bands of local languages and cultures

8.  Unique Genre (acting + music): History Actor dual & duel™; Acting and Rap-Song format is dramatic musical debate, based on mass-karma books of accounts.  

9.  Unique Acting Character:  Activist Shareholder in proxy battle

10.  Unique Storyline: Dual ‘n’ Duel saves humanity future, engineering new spiritual economy and money

Starting 3rd quarter of 2021, Dual ‘n Duel will announce on website, the release dates of music albums and e-books for Yes vs. No story voters: human mothers, Z generation students and shareholders of 7 Religions. Active social media channels are YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to cover the evolving storyline of the unique band.


Name of Media Contact: Monky Monk, dual ‘n duel Band-Frontman

Company Name: Price & Poors Inc, 347 Fifth Ave, Suite 1402, New York, NY 10016

Contact Phone Number: 408-835-1372

Twitter 24/7 Q&A: @dualNduel  

WhatsApp Business chat/call: +1 408-835-1372

Contact email:


SOURCE Dual ‘n’ Duel

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