Best Family Card Game That Goes Head to Head with UNO and Is “Twice the Fun”

CHICAGO, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Best Family Card Games, the #1 website listing the top 10 family card games for 2020 announces the final list of the Best Family Card Games for 2020. The number one pick is Twice the Fun.  The history of Twice the Fun shows the competitive world of card games. The inventor of the original Twice the Fun also trademarked DOS to use side by side on the box cover. Toy company Mattel, owner of the card game UNO demanded that the inventor send them a copy of Twice the Fun so Mattel could compare Twice the Fun with UNO.  Mattel claimed “DOS has been in development for 2 years” even though Mattel did not own the rights to the tradename DOS. 

According to a spokesperson for Best Family Card Games, “Last year it was estimated that over 500 unique card games were introduced for the first time at Toy Fair, Kickstarter and Indiegogo by inventors looking for the next UNO. Doing battle with a billion-dollar toy company can be challenging but the internet has evened the playing field for consumers looking for a perfect night of fun.”

The list of top 10 family card games for 2020 have simple instructions to understand, usually taking less than 10 minutes to learn. One reviewer stated “The Best Card Games are fantastic alternatives to screen time. Times are unlike anything families have faced in their lifetimes.  Planned family activities are necessary to alleviate those blocks of time where all access to media needs to be “shut down”.”  Another reviewer added, “Card games that are simple in design and quick to learn are what makes a great card game.” 

The #1 card game Twice the Fun brings together the best features for all ages. No other card game embraces the number two like Twice the Fun. A Double Dose of Fun. Double Trouble. Double Exchange. And the infamous Boomerang & Ricochet making this an addictive game for all members of the family. Best Family Card Games list of 10 top card games are available nationwide and can be ordered on their website. Support these companies and sample card games that will give your family hours of nonstop fun.

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