BellyMelly Expands Online Food Ordering Platform to Offer Solutions for Live Event Venues

CHICAGO, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BellyMelly, an online food ordering service platform, announced today that its popular restaurant technology platform will be expanding into event venues, amusement parks and sport stadiums and arenas, providing a streamlined and safe concession experience for staff and patrons.

The food ordering platform is designed to help live event venues run more efficiently by utilizing QR code based mobile ordering technology – no app or registration required. With the implementation of the technology, customers won’t miss a minute watching their favorite sports team and will spend less time waiting in line.

In an effort to stop the spread of germs now and after the pandemic, all transactions are made directly through a mobile phone, eliminating the need to pass cash down the row or stand in a crowded line to get a hot dog.

How BellyMelly works:

  1. Scan: Users utilize their phone’s camera to scan a QR code on the armrest or back of the seat, which directs them to the order page.
  2. Order: Users choose and add items from the full menu in their phone’s browser, and enter their seat number for food delivery.
  3. Pay: Without registering, users securely pay for orders and tips with their cards.
  4. Enjoy: The order is brought to users at the seat number they entered so they can just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

“We have seen huge success in the adoption of our contactless technology among restaurants, and with sporting events and concerts back on the horizon, we saw an incredible opportunity to expand into this market,” said BellyMelly Founder David Litchman. “The technology is a win-win for everyone involved – from keeping vendors and staff safe to giving patrons the ultimate game-watching experience.”

About BellyMelly
Powered by iMenu360 technology, BellyMelly is a food ordering solution designed to help businesses make a seamless transition into the future of food ordering. With 30 years of restaurant experience and almost 20 years of technology experience, BellyMelly’s team is well-positioned to help the food industry thrive. Learn more at

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