BEK TV Presents “Man in America” – An Unfiltered Take on America’s Pressing Challenges

BISMARCK, N.D., Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BEK TV, renowned for pioneering insightful television, proudly introduces its newest show, “Man in America”, hosted by Seth Holehouse. The program provides viewers with the truth and a profound exploration of liberty within America and beyond. Tune in weekdays at 3pm CT on BEK TV, or stream it online at  A full archive of each episode can be found at

“Man in America” represents Holehouse’s fervent call to action amidst the dilemmas America grapples with today. “I believe we are currently at war and that our country is under the threat of a communist takeover,” he says.  The program is far more than just another talk show.  “Man in America” emerges as a beacon for truth-seekers and promises an array of unique viewpoints rarely encountered elsewhere. “Every individual, regardless of where they stand politically, possesses intelligence and discernment gifted by God.  If I can provide them with the information, they’re fully equipped to make choices.”

On aligning with BEK TV, Holehouse says, “The world is in dire need of independent media that presents facts as they are.  That’s why I’m so grateful to be a part of BEK TV.”  In an era where online content faces the risk of being censored or canceled, BEK TV provides an unalterable platform, immune to big tech control.

Notably, Holehouse crafted the viral sensation “The Plot to Steal America”, endorsed by President Trump and witnessed by countless individuals globally.

“Man in America” stands as a lighthouse for those devoted to the nation’s values. It aims to educate, motivate, and bridge the gap between those who love America. This venture isn’t merely about addressing the issues; it’s a call to rally Americans, understand our nuances of imminent challenges, and illuminate the essence of American liberty.

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